CineSplore and CLOUD-149 Duct Rings (2 Pack)

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If you’d like to use these ducts for one of your own designs, the pattern is there for you in the product images. These ducts are from the CLOUD-149 and can be used for that frame as well as the CineSplore.

The main reasons we use ducts is to protect soft targets from spinning blades, make the craft appear friendlier for the talent and block out shrubs and things we may bump into. There are two possible aerodynamic advantages as well. The ability to fly slower, and improved efficiency under load if the duct is designed right.

The reason we used these particular ducts as the default for the CineSplore is because of their low cost, low weight and durability for that low weight. The mounting pattern for these ducts are also surprisingly decent so we decided to make this a pseudo-standard. These ducts are not particularly designed well but they do work and let’s just be real and say that ALL ducts suck so might as well use something easier to replace and deal with if it fits the bill. Some duct designs are much better than others but the general disadvantages of annoying throttle control and confusing yaw lock are still there with all ducts. Some of this can be improved in tuning both the hardware and software but it won’t go away completely. We have some motors we’ve worked really hard on coming that will completely fix the throttle control issue and help the others but it’s still a CineWhoop and not designed for acrobatics.



  • Made for 3” props
  • Upper lip diameter of ~46mm
  • 30mm duct height
  • Mounting pattern displayed in product images
  • M2 brass inserts are 3mm tall however 5mm of screw fits in the channel
  • 10.9g per duct (duct only)

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These are great
Performs perfectly fine and pretty durable
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