GNB 2S 450mAh XT30 Battery

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This is the 2S version of the magically excellent performing GNB 450mah 80C cells.  This is a really fantastic pack for it's size and weight.  Use this pack for anything sub 80g and 2S for excellent performance.

This particular pack is pretty hard to find because it is the non-HV version.  We're not big fans of HV cells due to their lack of cycle endurance, higher cost and almost zero added performance benefits.  Company marketing will make you believe the HV variants are better but real world testing prove that to not be the case.

This pack is excellent to be used with a 2S Babytooth or a 3S TP3 that you want to run with 2S packs.  The TP3 is really great on 2S too.



  • 2S 450mah
  • STANDARED voltage 3.0-4.21v
  • Not recommended to run below 3.0v in flight
  • 80C/160C
  • XT30 connector on a ~35mm lead
  • ~27.5g with XT30 attached

2S 3” Drivetrain:

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Russell Wells (Whitehouse, US)

Great product, excellent run time.

Alec Hall (Columbus, US)
The best 2S for toothpicks/ whoops

Bought for my Tinyhawk 2 Freestyle, and has an insane amount of punch and capacity compared to the stock Emax 450 2S. Extremely light as well, you can feel it in sharper turns especially. The quad has much less fling.

Mike Homsley (Sparks, US)

Great weight for the size of battery. Flight time is great to.... warm weather helps. My other battery is much heavier.

scott fuller (Nashville, US)
GNB 2S 450mAh XT30 Battery?

Great little battery!

Ryan Rochford (mouseFPV) (Novi, US)
Good Battery Good Price

I purchased these packs at almost 2x the price locally. Good batteries. Bad luck with the 3s version, though.