MiniMortal T V2 for Crossfire - manufactured by TBS

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The popularity of this product could not be overstated.  This new V2 has been tuned by TBS engineers for improved signal and uses thinner aircraft steel cable for reduced weight.  You will NOT find the V2 antenna anywhere but at FPVCycle.  If seen elsewhere, it is a fake copy.

This antenna is manufactured by TBS and this specific variation is only made for FPVCycle.  It is designed to be small, light, and easy to use however you cannot expect full range from this antenna.  You cannot even expect quarter range with this antenna.  Extreme range is not what this antenna is intended for.  It’s intended for close range applications such as racing, Toothpicks, super Whoops and other small crafts.  This is still Crossfire however so even with this tiny antenna, ‘short’ range is not very short.  We've gone a few kilometers but the intended range is generally within a kilometer. 

The quality of this antenna is supreme.  The active elements are made of the same durable wire as the actual Immortal T but just a bit thinner to save weight.  The rubber center of the Immortal T has been removed to save weight and the center is wrapped in two pieces of heat shrink.  Yes there is a small gap between the two pieces of shrink.  Take care not to have this riding up against a carbon frame. 



  • Originally designed by: Michael Anderson
  • Designed for 915mhz
  • Weight: 0.7g (~0.25g less than original)
  • Optimized by TBS for improved performance
  • Manufactured by TBS
  • ~35mm stem
  • ~58mm wide antenna (this is not the length of the functional elements)

Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Joergermeister (Colorado Springs, US)
Nice little TBS antenna

Works great as expected

Paul Guess (Boise, US)
Now This Thing Is The Ticket!

Love how this antenna fits the little 3" HX115. I'm not having a problem with range, especially in a town park or school yard where there is other interference anyways. It out flies my analog goggles in this setting. Thumbs up!

Quincy (Denver, US)
I love these little guys

perfect for my 3" quads!

Jamie Hodges (Wilmington, US)
Terrible quality, can’t believe this is is a TBS product...

I seriously can’t believe these are manufactured by TBS as you can see the soldering/connections through huge gaps in the shrink wrap used to make them. I was expecting nice, solid minimortals like come with tracer, but these are garbage. Do not waste your money. -LSF

Tommy G (Altoona, US)
Better range than I thought

I was surprised just how much range I hade with this on my toothpick! Talk about mini!