GNB 1000mAh 3S 120C/240C LiPo Battery

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At just 108g, this pack is particularly good for 3" crafts aiming for longer flight times with good performance or 4"-5" low weight quads. For 5", you want to use around 2500-2800kv for 3S. All of GNB cells in the 500-1350mAh range are particularly excellent but specifically the 1000-1250 cells perform a touch above the rest of the line.

This 3S battery can provide ~85% of the overall wattage that the 700mAh 100C 6S can provide and weighs about 15% less as well.
It can provide 25% more wattage than the 500mAh 90C 6S but weighs 24% more.


  • 1000mAh
  • 120C/240C
  • ~108g
  • 80 x 21.5 x 34.5mm
  • XT60 on 12awg wire

Customer Reviews

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Kai Harting (El Sobrante, US)
Awesome pack

I've been flying the 1550s for a while but for my lightweight 4/5" this is the best