GNB 1100mAh 3S XT60 (Highest C) - 12V LiPo Battery

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This battery was originally made for FPVCycle but it has caught on since it's performance is so incredible. With the 2203/4 motors on either the PowerPick 4”/5”, Fouride 4”/5”CineSplore or another low weight platform, the performance is just stellar.

The cells in this pack are identical to the ones in the 4S pack and 6S pack.  This is the smallest capacity battery that GNB makes in the super high 130C rated cells.  These high C cells are what make this a magical pack.

This battery on a CineSplore on 2203 3450kv with StanFPV ducts, Gemfan Penta blade Duct props and a GoPro Hero 8 inside a big TPU case and ND filter is about as loud as a TP3….in other words, the quietest 3” CineWhoop we’ve ever flown.


  • 3S 1100mah 130/260C (the highest quality and C rated cell GNB makes)
  • 99-102g weight range
  • ~79mm 16AWG leads from cells to bottom of XT60
  • 24AWG charge leads
  • 78x21x34mm dimensions not including wires (+/-1mm)

Customer Reviews

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Ritter F (Vancouver, US)
Solid Choice

I'm a big fan of these.
3s and 5s...
guess I'm an odd guy...

Eyal M (Savoy, US)
GNB 1100mAh 3S XT60

very good pack for cinesplore and fouride 4" and now it will be tested on the 5" fouride as well :)

Jody King (Mesa, US)
Fantastic for the Fouride

These were amazingly well for my 5" Fouride. I'm getting ~4.5 mins flight time at about 326AUW.

Finn Jokay (Munich, DE)
Excellent 3s Batterys for fouride5

Simply perfectly performing lipos. Been putting about 10pcs each through the (10x) and they deliver what a fouride 5" need;) Was pretty could though so flight times might be longer in summer. Got about 5-7min...
One thing (which might be my jb charging board): All of my 10 battery have pretty loose balancer contacts on my charger and cells often dont get recognized. Makes charging pretty risky imo if one cell doesnt get ballanced

PK (Tucson, US)
Sweet Fouride Pack

Just the right power and weight to drive my Fouride. Buying more.