GNB 1S 450mAh XT30 Batteries (3-Pack)

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Packed THREE to a box

There are very few 1S cells in the industry that really perform excellent.  The 450mah 80C cell from GNB is one of them.  There is a 550mah 95C cell from another company that is good as well but just does not last more than a handful of cycles.  Until there is a better option, this 450mah 80C cell with XT30 is the primary cell we recommend using on any open prop 1S platform or powerful 1S whoop.

Compared to the GNB 600mah 50C cell, this one is a little lighter and is supposed to provide about 20% more amperage.  In real world use, you can absolutely feel the performance difference if you fly it hard.  Overall flight times are similar with the 600mah doing better only if you're cruising around very slowly.


About voltage on 1S cells:

Traditionally, we don’t want to run any LiPo below 3.3v/cell under actual use (under load) in flight. The actual issue is overdrawing amps from the cell which can cause overheating and sharp drops in voltage. 1S is a little different because it’s relatively difficult to overdraw the current from such a small cell that has such low voltage to begin with. This is why Whoop flyers generally land at 2.9v under load. If you slowly discharge a LiPo, it does not damage it to drop it down to 3v/cell and that’s basically what we’re doing with these very low voltage and low overall wattage crafts. Because this 3” 1S platform is more capable than the majority of other 1S quads, we would recommend landing when you see 3.0v in your OSD.



  • 1S 450mah
  • STANDARED voltage 3.0-4.21v
  • Not recommended to run below 3.0v in flight
  • 80C/160C
  • XT30 connector on a ~13mm lead
  • 13.2g with XT30 attached

1S 3” Drivetrain:

Recommended FPV setup:

  • Please see the build guide and discussion HERE

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Ritter F (Portland, US)
they were my goto before the 500..

I bought one set, liked them, bought another.

But since have been buying the 500.
7-10 min with babytooth,soo great..

Solid 1s batteries

Good batteries. Glad i didnt have to solder on the xt30

Anthony (Compton, US)
450 1s battery wires

Great batteries the only complaint wish the wires were stronger or soldered better to battery mines have came apart on two of three with minimum strength taking them off charger. But still ordered more just wish for more security on solder connection only had batteries for less than a month.

Anthony (Compton, US)

Keep selling them loving the bat. but one of mine went dead and i know it had to put factory defect only 2 to 3 cycles on but hey 2 out of three isn't bad i guess does make me mad but at least i can get two flights built a toothpick finally and love it Thanks for the spec gotta order more batteries

Dan (Alameda, US)
Great 1s Pack!

Very little voltage sag! Light weight for an XT30 450 pack, only 12.5-13.5g. XT30 is the way to go for your high power 1S quads, the other connectors are not worth the weight savings.