GNB 4S 450mAh XT30 Battery

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This is the 4S version of the magically excellent performing GNB 450mah 80C cells.  This is a really fantastic pack for it's size and weight.  This pack actually does output quite a bit of power but it's also easy to overdraw the amps from it because it does have a small overall capacity.  Watch your voltage in flight.

This particular pack is pretty hard to find because it is the non-HV version.  We're not big fans of HV cells due to their lack of cycle endurance, higher cost and almost zero added performance benefits.  Company marketing will make you believe the HV variants are better but real world testing prove that to not be the case.



  • 4S 450mah
  • STANDARED voltage 3.0-4.21v
  • Not recommended to run below 3.1v in flight
  • 80C/160C
  • XT30 connector on a ~35mm lead
  • ~52.4g with XT30 attached
  • Dimensions: 45x17.3x65mm

Customer Reviews

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Brian Ladmirault (Maumelle, US)
Excellent 4s 450

As all GNB batteries, These 4s 450’s have plenty of power, low sag, and stable impedance. They were just what I was needing for my Digital TP3. I highly recommend them. Will definitely buy more. Great batteries!