GNB 550mAh 90C/180C 1S-6S LiPo Battery

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(All batteries are 550mah, not 500mah as the product image implies)

We hounded GNB for an improved non-HV 450mAh 80C cell for over a year and they finally made this 550mAh 90C cell. This cell should provide 20-25% more amperage than any previous pack made with GNB 450mAh cell which is simply FANTASTIC! The weight increase per cell is roughly 1.2g/cell or, ~9% weight increase per pack. This is easily our favorite sub 700mAh cell in the industry.

The 1S cell will bring out the last 10% of performance that could be had on the 1S BabyTooth platform while the 3S version will give you about a minute more flight time on the 3S TP3 and the 6S coming in at 87g should be just barely enough to feed those sub 250g 5" builds with 2004, ~1670kv or smaller motors with low load props.

We are extremely proud to offer this cell as it is exactly what we always hoped for. Non-HV, slightly more capacity, higher amperage rating and still low weight. We're always limited by our batteries and still are but this is a great step in the right direction.


  • 550mAh
  • 90C/180C
  • 1S-4S have XT30 connectors with 18awg wire.
  • 6S has XT60 connector with 18awg wire.
  • All weights are +/- ~0.7g
  • 1S - 14.4g 
  • 2S - 29.9g 
  • 3S - 44.3g 
  • 4S - 58.0g 
  • 6S - 87.0g 
  • Cell size is about 26mm long and 18mm wide
  • Cell thickness is about 6.5mm. Multiply by the S number to get thickness

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Eyal M (Champaign, US)
Gnb 550 3s

Solid battery

Matt (Bullhead City, US)
Light but Weak?

I did back to back tests with blackbox logging between this GNB 3S 550 mAh and an RDQ 3S 550 mAh. Results: 78.9A burst/40.1A sustained on the RDQ and 57.8A burst/37.2A sustained on the GNB. I got 1 minute less flight time on the GNB and it felt very "soft" at the end, no punch. I have a suspicion the RDQ is actually a 600-650 mAh batt, because it's 10g heavier and I consistently get 580+ mAh of total draw on it according to my telemetry. Therefore, it's hard to say if this GNB is a true 550 and I'm used to an improperly labelled 650, or if it really is just average or below average as a 550.

Lipo1s 550mah


Beau Dupre (Elk River, US)
Great batts. Solid.

Fastest shipping possible. If you don't like Bob, we can't be friends.

Christian A. (Saint Paul, US)
Thee perfect toothpick battery with all the work done.

Great battery for all my toothpicks, always impressed with the flight times. Fast shipping and you really cant beat the price for 3 - 1S batteries. XT30 slapped on there for ya.