GNB 700mah 100C/200C 6S LiPo Battery

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This is another very special cell by GNB because it was specifically made for the coming wave of light weight quads. At 100C rating and with higher capacity, this cell will provide in excess of 50% more amperage over any pack made with the 500mAh 90C cell and significantly more than anything made with the 450mAh 80C cell. You will pay for it in weight however. This pack comes in at 126.5g compared to the 500mAh 6S 90C that comes in at 87g. 45% more weight but about 55% more amps. If you're seeing any sag, this is the solution you need.

For any sub ~325g AUW 5" attempting to run 6S, we strongly encourage 22mm or 23mm motors with this battery. It's been specifically designed for this purpose. It also works great for 6S Cinewhoops and any other small 6S quad you're planning.

One tip: this pack comes with an XT30 connector because we expect most of these low weight 5" and smaller quads to be using an XT30. We strongly encourage using an XT60 connector for any quad that needs the power this battery can provide.


  • 700mah
  • 100C/200C
  • ~126.5g
  • 66 x 27.5 x 39.5mm
  • XT30 on 16awg wire


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Cheech FPV (Darien, US)
Great Battery 👍🏽!

I bought this little battery for my 2Fiddy build. And I was blown away by the flight time and performance. I was able to get 9/10 minutes in the air flying moderately aggressive. Probably will get around 7 minutes all out. 🤙🏽

Max Rutherford (Albuquerque, US)
Confident in saying it's a winner

Using these packs on a 4" Apex with NBD 2004 1850kv, Gemfan/HQ 4" triblade. The description is spot on for these GNB - they do deliver the power and I've got quite decent flight times. However, these are not lightweight for what they are. The power delivery is right there with the other GNB packs, they fly very stable voltage wise and when you're out of juice you're not going to limp it home, you're going to fall out of the sky. Watch your voltages.

Still using the xt30, flight times are great, power is great, no heat waste in the connector or battery. Will swap to xt60 soon. Have cycled the five I've purchased three times, so far it's another winner from GNB.