WaFL’s FPV Capacitors (2 pack)

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The goal of this product is to be an easy to use, semi-idiot proof product to better protect your electrical equipment. It does this by having a much lower ESR than the gold standard Panasonic FC series and having a Cap pre-installed with the maximum recommended wire length of the appropriate AWG. It’s also significantly smaller than the usual Panasonic 1000uf 35v capacitor. All you need to do is solder it onto the battery input solder pads of your ESC (not on the end of the battery lead).

This product comes from WaFL and OlaFC which are two guys from the community that started building and flying young. They’ve just barely graduated high school in 2020 and already have full time jobs in electronics design and manufacturing outside the FPV industry as a result of all they’ve learned from FPV. The story of these guys are star examples of our industry and we could not be more proud and appreciative of them. They have searched high and low to find this specific capacitor that is the right fit for high powered 3” to 6” and 3S to 6S. This cap will cover MOST builds. Not ALL builds. Extremely noisy builds due to overpowered components may require two caps soldered in parallel.

The correct way to use a capacitor to soak up electrical noise is to attach the cap as close as possible to the electronic component that is causing the electrical noise. Motors are what cause electrical noise on our crafts and the best place for the cap is right on the power lines that go to the ESC but with 4in1’s being the standard, the next place is on the battery input pads. Shorten the wire leading to the cap as much as you reasonably can for your build to improve results.


  • 700uf, 3S-6S
  • Lower ESR than the Panasonic FM series
  • 18mm long, 10mm diameter with PCB pre-installed
  • Panasonic 1000uf 35v by comparison with PCB installed is 28mm long and 13mm diameter
  • Weight: 2.9g (+/- 10%) per unit
  • 20awg wire, ~35mm length

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