TuneRC Poly F405 2S-4S AIO

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This is a pretty nifty new board that has a few features that make it extra interesting:
  • F4 on a 25x25 mount AIO
  • 5 full UART's
  • Four additional motor out lines for 8 motor out's
  • Bluejay ESC firmware
  • 4MB BlackBox memory

These features make this board one of the most unique AIO boards to ever exist. We at FPVCycle didn't directly take part in this boards development other than requesting various features. We also haven't rigorously tested this board but TuneRC has been a really solid development partner and has excellent QC by our records. It's quite amazing that they were actually able to pull off this board with the given feature set. Our biggest concern on initial inspection is that the batt in pads are a bit small to comfortably solder a cap and batt leads to. Otherwise, we're going to try to get Emu to pick up the firmware and it should be a super solid and interesting option.

To highlight the uniqueness of this board, if you happen to burn an ESC, you can easily just use this board as an FC only with the other four motor out lines and a separate ESC board. Or you could run a full octo craft with an added ESC board. Or you could run various servos for wings or various camera equipment.....it's pretty darn interesting what's possible with this thing.

Hardware Specs:

  • FC MCU: STM32F405RGT6( Cortex®-M4 168Mhz )
  • Built-in OSD: AT7456E
  • Built-in IMU: BMI270
  • Built-in 4MB Blackbox
  • Built-in Current Meter
  • ESC MCU: EFM8BB21 ( 8bit 50MHz )
  • UART: UART1 ( for VTX by default ), UART2, UART3, UART4( for the receiver by default, supports SBUS ), UART5
  • Other interfaces: IIC ( IIC2 ) , LED_Strip, Buzzer
  • The through holes for power lead: big enough to fit 16AWG wire
  • 8 Motor Outputs ( The onboard esc have been used for 4 motor outputs. You can add 4 external esc if you want to use the other 4 motor outputs )

Electronics Specs:

  • Input Voltage: 6.50-20.0V( 2S-4S LIPO/LIHV )
  • Power Output: 5V 2A
  • Continuous Current: 20A
  • Peak Current: 28A


  • FC Target: TUNERCF405
  • ESC Firmware: Bluejay P-H-25

Motor Sizes Supported:

  • 11xx
  • 12xx
  • 13xx
  • 14xx*

*(Note from FPVCycle: The manufacturer lists 14xx motors but with a 20A capacity, this board should be sufficient up to a quad with 2306 motors on a light build with 4S at under 2350kv and 5". We haven't verified this ourselves. If using this board on a plane/wing, we don't recommend more than 3S and ~2800kv on 4" props max.)

Recommended Capacitor:
A 35V 220uf capacitor is included. A 35v 220-470 uf capacitor with low ESR is recommended if you want to swap the default one.


  • Size: 33mm x 33mm
  • Mounting Holes Pattern: 25.5 x 25.5mm Room for M3.5 grommets to make M2 mount
  • Weight: 5.8g

Note for Firmware Update:
You ONLY need to plug in the USB when flashing ESC or flight controller firmware on the Poly. You don’t need to plug in the battery. The reason why we recommend doing this is that this’s helpful to eliminate the possibility of ESC being damaged during the firmware update.

To be more specific, when the BB21 chip ( the ESC MCU) is in the process of firmware update, its output pin is out of control, which may cause damage to the ESC.

Note for Receiver and VTX Setup:
Please power up the receiver and VTX by the battery during the binding and setup process. Because the 5V from USB doesn't power the receiver and VTX.

Note for Buzzer Choice:
Only the buzzer with a built-in drive circuit can be used on this AIO flight controller. A common micro buzzer (that only has two legs and without PCB board) is incompatible with the Poly F405 2S-4S AIO. We will release the compatible buzzer on our website pretty soon.

Customer Reviews

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MT (Lawrence, US)
Not reliable

Unfortunately, this board has been unreliable. First FC I purchased, flew once, then got stuck with CPU at 100%. TuneRC was kind enough to send a replacement, that only flew a few times, then it would randomly shut down (very similarly to the first one).

T.S. (Phoenix, US)
Great FC

I'm running this little powerhouse on my 3s 3" toothpick. This board has to be one of the best I've flown with. It has significantly improved the responsiveness of my build and I will absolutely be buying another in the near future to build a pocket cinewhoop. The board has plenty of options for mounting just about any accessories you'll even want, in addition to being light weight. Plus the built in ESC Definitely seem capable.

Steven Nelson (Bristol, US)
Tunerc f405

I put it in my tiny trainer and motor 4 has bad twitch so bad u can't fly it usually fpvcycle has great gear but this aio didn't work for me