FPVCycle 1S AIO (no Rx) - 1S ONLY

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This is the first production batch.  We have been working on this for about three years and the new board is similar quality to modern computer motherboards.  Each and every board undergoes extremely stringent QC testing and we've truly put our lifeblood into making this dumb thing work optimally with the best QC possible.  Unfortunately no matter how hard we try, QC is still not perfect and there's always more we can do.  The cost of this board is also so high that we're barely covering operating expenses as is.  This platform is insanely fun to fly so we're hoping it'll continue to be supported by you guys so we can keep improving it. 

Oh yes, the chip shortage....yeah we've been hit HARD.  There isn't a huge supply of boards sadly...

This board was specifically designed to provide ease of use, reliability and performance for whoop and BabyTooth style 1S builds.  Because solder pads are notably more efficient at conducting amps, we’ve ditched the connectors entirely.  You’re going to appreciate how large and accessible these solder pads are but this is still a tiny whoop board so you’re still going to need to be pretty careful soldering.  There are also separate volt and ground pads for both the Vtx and the camera so you don’t need to double up wires onto one pad.  Around back you’ll find a jumper for the voltage you would like to set your Rx.  Otherwise, the PCB on this guy has been specifically designed to handle the amperage needed for higher performance.  The FET's are usually the limiting factor but on these tiny boards, the PCB is often more important.  This board is specifically designed for the FPVCyle 13mm 11,250kv 1S motor but of course you can run whatever you like on it.

NOTE:  You must solder the jumpers on the back side of the board to select Rx voltage. The Rx will NOT be powered or signal read without soldering the jumper.


We've been working on this board for over two years now.  In doing so, we've discovered why 1S boards are so unreliable.  Getting this thing right and reliable is exceedingly difficult and we've failed more than once in the past.  Now after over a dozen prototypes, we've gotten to the point where we think this new way we're making them will be reliable.  This first batch is a test batch to confirm this before we start to distribute around the world.  Of course we support everything but it's much easier to support if you're within the USA.  Please give us feedback if picking up one of these.



All boards come with an XT30 pigtail and the rubber inserts.  The combo packs come with either crossfire or crossfire and the Unify Pro32 Nano pre-installed as well as the MiniMortal T V1 antenna.  There’s supposed to be two bits of heat shrink in there as well but the weather has been a bit warm lately so we believe the shrink may be pre-shrunk by the time you get it.  We apologize for this.  It’s kind of something we can’t control if it happens.

Specs of AIO board:

  • 1S.  This is a 1S board.  DO NOT RUN 2S!
  • We will declare 9A FETs but they're 10+ amp capable
  • Very careful PCB design
  • No motor connectors, only solder pads
  • Separate ground and volt pads for vTX, Cam and Rx
  • F4 MCU preloaded with BF 4.1
  • BF Target: FPVCYCLEF401
  • 3g plain board weight
  • 1mm thick PCB
  • Jumper for Rx voltage

Customer Reviews

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Robert Stoehr (Bern, CH)
It would be great if I could buy the 1s motors someday

The fc looks great, looking forward to using it one day.



John R (Eugene, US)
One of the few reliable 1S boards

I finally got one of these into my Babytooth, after having burned at least two of the other 1S boards that are out there... it has clearly been a lot of effort to get this one on the market but I think it's worth it, because there are so few other good options in the 1S world.

Finn Jokay (Munich, DE)
The one and only

This is no doubt the best 1s aio out there. period. had some bad experiences with aios. Still need to be carefull with turtling etc. but this seems fairely reliable. Flown about 40 packs in 2 days now;)
Also its very simple and easy to setup and tune. Came with i belive bf 4.2, solerding was super easy and the tune frome the build guides and discussions page is pretty solid. Love it!

Disclaimer: I got one board with a bad esc. FPVCycle of course responded quickly and promised a replacement. Even the manufacturer contacted me to ask what exactly was wrong in order to improve. Thats very respectable!

Tino (Leipzig, DE)
Amazing Board!

This little board is of excellent quality. Very good in combination with an ExpressLRS receiver.