Diatone Mamba Toothpick AIO (FC+ESC AIO)

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Here’s another version of the ‘Toothpick’ style board layout. Diatone took it upon themselves to make this board and in good time too. The NamelessRC board was the first and is still good and reliable but the esc circuit design is a little dated. BetaFPV’s version cosmetically looks better and is also good, but has had a failure rate that is starting to become a little annoying for us to manage and customers to deal with. Diatone Mamba boards have a reputation for performing well while being surprisingly reliable and cost effective. We haven’t done extensive testing on this particular product yet but we have a long standing relationship with Diatone and really nothing has tarnished the reputation of their electronics so far.

As with all the other boards, we do NOT recommend 4S on this one either. They all work fine on 4S but will not perform optimally. Keep it to 3S and keep the AUW low. There isn’t any benefit to 4S if the AUW is low enough. Also, for some reason this batch doesn’t include power wires. You’ll need to provide your own 18awg silicone wire. You can use 20awg too if all you have lying around are spare motor wire clippings. Future batches will include the wire as well.



  • Actual product name: MAMBA F411AIO F411
  • MCU: STM32 F411 (no onboard BB memory)
  • Gyro: MPU6000
  • BEC: 5V 1.5A
  • Voltage: 2~4S Lipo (8.4V~16.8V)
  • Amperage: 13A×4 (15A burst)
  • ESC Protocol: Dshot 300/600
  • Mounting: 25.5mm/M2
  • Weight: 5.7g (unsoldered)
  • Board size: 32×33.5×9mm

Customer Reviews

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Diatone Mamba AIO

Great AIO, has a better layout of FETS than the Nameless RC AIO I had before. I started to get nameless boards that had bad FETS straight away brand new so I changed to these and the 2 I bought are both good with no failures so far. I recommend if you are having problems with other AIO boards. The layout of solder pads and boot button is better if sticking RX and Vtx on the top of the board. The hot glue or VHB tape no longer has a chance to rip the top off the boot button.


Bought this for a toothpick build. The board layout is awesome and it flies nice :)

Difficult tune

The product is easy to use, laid out well. It has just been very challenging to tune on BF 4.1, even with rpm filtering. If I had it to do all over again, I would have ordered the nameless... I may end up doing that anyway.


Diatone makes good stuff and this FC is no different. The layout is good and the mounting holes are big enough to accommodate 24-26mm mounting with no filing. Flashing JESC gave me an issue when powering with 2S some of the ESCs failed. I ended up powering with 4S and reflashed with no issues.

Great toothpick fc

Personally I find this board to be one of the best. Plus you can run Flightone FalcoX on it and to me it flys even better than betaflight does on these lightweight builds. So far my build with this fc has lasted me a couple months with no issues. I’ve killed a couple betafpv boards in the time that I’ve had this one. Now that fpvcycle is carrying these I will be ordering a couple from them soon!