SPCMaker 30A 6S ToothPick AIO Board

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We’ve been testing every AIO board under the sun to better understand what they can be used for. This AIO board has 6S FET’s and a BEC that can handle 6S but it can’t actually execute any 6S performance on a motor larger than maybe 1404. To us, this is a 4S, ~20A board...

We put a lot of effort into figuring out what does and does not work. The following are our recommendations on how to use this board. If you go past these limits, it’s unlikely that you will be able to use this board reliably.

Use cases: 

  • Any TP3/Toothpick platform desired with motors 2204 2800kv or smaller and up to 4S
  • CineSplore with the 2203/2204 3450kv drivetrain and 4S
  • Fouride with 4” and 2203/2204 3000/2800kv 4S or 3450kv 3S
  • Fouride with 5” and 2203/2204 3000/2800kv 3S

To use the capacitor correctly, solder at least 18awg wires as close to the base of the cap as possible and connect them to the batt in pads on the AIO board with no more than 1” or 25mm length of the 18awg wire.

If you’re running this board on CineSplore or Fouride on 3S or 4S, use the 1000uf 25V cap.
If you’re running 6S on something with smaller than 1407 motors, use the 35v 330uf cap.

Package Includes:

  • AIO board
  • 16AWG wires
  • XT30
  • XT60
  • 25V 1000uf cap
  • 35v 330uf cap
  • Rubber mourning inserts


  • Toshiba FET’s rated to 40V
  • STM32F411CEU6 100mhz
  • MPU6000 gyro
  • AT7456E OSD chip
  • Current sensor (Scale = 300)
  • 33x33mm size with 25.5x25.5mm mounting
  • MatekF411 target
  • 7.8g board only
  • Blheli S, Dshot 600
  • 2S-6S, 30A with 40A burst
  • Manufacturer recommends maximum motor size of 1507
  • We recommend maximum motor of 2204 2800kv and 4S on 5” (this will barely work)


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Robert Stoehr (Bern, CH)

a bit overkill for my TP3 but worksgrat

Eyal M (Savoy, US)

So far no issues I have it on my cinesplore and it’s works )

Sufyan Colarieti (Milan, IT)

Works well. No issues here. Not a beginner board though, the soldering is a bit tricky. To activate rpm filtering you can't use BlHeli 32, you need BlHeliS, I spent a few hours scratching my head on that. I'd be nice if they told you in the board page.
Highly recommended, no complaints here

Jason (Fletcher, US)

Its ok. Says its rated for Dshot600, but I had to drop mine to Dshot300 and 4k pid loop for it to fly well. At Dshot600, the cpu load was very high and the quad had dsyncs.

Dan (Greer, US)
Awsome board for tp3

I love the layout of this board. This board has alot to offer. I put this in my tp3 build to have head room for 3s. It's overkill but I would buy it again. I would recommend this to a friend to be honest.