Glide HAMMER- 5" Frame

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This frame is the same design pattern as the regular Glide Premium except that the body plates are 2.5mm instead of 2mm and arms are 6mm with a chamfer instead of 5mm. Please refer to the description of the regular Glide for all the base features.

This frame has VERY TIGHT tolerances.  The light and regular go together fine but the Hammer version is very difficult to get together in THIS CURRENT batch only.  We strongly recommend drilling out all the 3mm holes used to mount the arms individually before putting the frame together.  You can also just twist screws into these holes all the way until the screw spins freely.  In the future, the Hammer version will have looser holes to help ease assembly.

This frame is intended for beginners or those that desire bashers. It weighs a whole 36g more than the Glide Lite which is what we recommend for advanced users.

Recommended build out:

  • 20x20 6S capable ESC (we have one we will offer soon)
  • 20x20 FC (working on a custom option to be offered soon)
  • 20x20 Vtx or smaller (Rush Tank and cheaper option to be offered soon)
  • Sub 180g 6S or 4S battery (GNB 1000mah 6S is fantastic, will be offered soon)
  • ~31g motors (the Amax 2305 has fantastic performance for its weight)
  • Sub 4.2g prop of shallow pitch: Nazgul 5140, Ethix S4 or Ethix S5
  • AUW….try to keep it under 650g if you can but that might be difficult

By popular demand, we’ve made a thicker version of the Glide available. This version shares all the same features as the original and lite versions except that it’s a half mm thicker everywhere. The weight of it is about 121g built and that’s quite hefty in our opinion when the Lite version is just 85g. The weak link in this design ‘should’ be the standoffs now but, the top plate is also 2.5mm thick so it’s less likely to break and impact load is better distributed across standoffs so they’re less likely to bend. This is a mostly untested variant of the Glide thus far.

This frame is made of high grade carbon in 0.5mm thickness layers. Thinner layers make the carbon much stronger and is much more expensive to manufacture. These arms do not have a chamfer on them.


Click Here For Spare Parts and Arms

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