Glide LITE - 5” Frame

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  • This frame is the same design pattern as the regular Glide Premium except that the body plates are 1.5mm instead of 2mm and arms are 4.5mm with a deep chamfer instead of 5mm.  
  •  Frame weight including hardware and FPV cam mount: 85.2g

This frame is intended for advanced users. This frame is NOT recommended for new or novice pilots. This frame is NOT as strong as the other Glide variants however when built to light spec, is quite durable. It is only cheaper because it costs less to manufacture.


Recommended build out:

  • 20x20 6S capable ESC (we have one we will offer soon)
  • 20x20 FC (working on a custom option to be offered soon)
  • 20x20 Vtx or smaller (Rush Tank and cheaper option to be offered soon)
  • Sub 180g 6S or 4S battery (GNB 1000mah 6S is fantastic, will be offered soon)
  • ~31g motors (the Amax 2305 has fantastic performance for its weight)
  • Sub 4.2g prop of shallow pitch: Nazgul 5140, Ethix S4 or Ethix S5
  • AUW under 590g


We recommend using motors that are about 31g each and strongly discourage the use of TPU arm ends. The lower weight carbon arms and lower weight motors means the rotational inertia of the quad is lower and the powertrain will have an easier time managing the quads attitude. That means there is more power available to execute stick inputs. The end flight performance feels much more secure/solid/locked and far smoother.

Many believe higher weight quads are in some way smoother or more ‘throwable’. It is of our opinion, after copious testing across many years, that this is a common fallacy. We won’t digress into details but our findings are that lower weight, especially at the arm ends, with a carefully managed throttle curve so as to not feel uncontrollably powerful, is far smoother and just as, or more ‘throwable’ while being significantly easier to tune and fly. If you’re looking for ‘throw ability’, the solution is to reduce weight and increase power or just reduce weight while keeping the power the same. Because of how powerful our quads are today, much of the time reducing weight results in excessive power which makes the quad more touchy and difficult to fly. Of course adding weight will buffer this excessive power but a more efficient and higher performance way to deal with it is to apply a throttle cut or curve to the system for improved throttle control. We prefer a straight throttle cut to keep the throttle feeling more predictable.

For those aiming to do cinematic chase footage, our quads are almost always far quicker and more agile than our subjects. Lower weight quads are far easier to fly slowly since they don’t slide around so easily. We STRONGLY recommend only building 6S capable quads with motors of ~1750-1900kv. For cinematic case footage, use a light 4S battery with no throttle cut for best slow flying controlled results. Stay tuned for a special cinematic frame design as well.

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