DJI Caddx Vista + DJI Camera + Antenna Kit (HD FPV vTX + HD Camera + Antenna)

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This is the now tried and true DJI Vista unit from Caddx. This particular kit is special because it comes with the longer 125mm camera wire and optional antenna.


  • Vista
  • 125mm camera wire
  • Standard DJI camera
  • Wiring harness for Vista
  • Optional antenna


  • DJI Vista unit is the same standard Vista unit.
  • Video and control signal carried at up to 700mw
  • Standard DJI camera is 19.5mm wide, 21mm tall (max body diagonal measurement of 23.5mm)
  • Camera wire length is 125mm
  • DJI Camera weight is ~10.5g
  • DJI camera + 125mm wire + Vista without antenna is 30g
  • Longer 87mm antenna is 87mm from base of stem to top of element
  • Longer 87mm antenna has 62mm of wire before ufl connector
  • Longer antenna is 3.0g
  • Shorter 41mm antenna is 41mm from base of stem to top of element
  • Shorter 41mm antenna has 31mm of wire before ufl connector
  • Shorter antenna is 2.3g


More Details on Caddx official site: Click Here

Spare 87mm Antenna

Longer 200mm Camera Wire 

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