GNB 6S 22.2V 1100mAh 130C LiPo Battery

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This is simply a fantastic battery.  However, if the AUW on your quad is above ~670g AUW, We STRONGLY recommend you consider the 1250mah version of this battery for the simply amazing amperage it can deliver.

On our Cinematic/freestyle quads, the voltage on this battery holds up until the very last drop. It then falls through the floor real quick. This is the sign of excellent battery performance but make sure to stay aware of your voltage level because you’re very unlikely to feel it out.



  • 6S 1100mah 130/260C (the highest quality and C rated cell GNB makes)
  • 197-201g weight range
  • ~75mm 12AWG leads from cells to bottom of XT60 (not including XT60)
  • 24AWG charge leads
  • 75x41x33mm dimensions not including wires (+/-1mm)

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Mr Dexter (North Charleston, US)
Best 6S Battery I've Used

Kabab really does a lot of testing. I've been using the Ovonic 1000mah 6S packs for over a year and never had any complaints. Then, I tried these GNB packs and they are a huge improvement. Performance and flight time are both above everything else I've tried. I don't know any other packs in this category that would out perform this specific GNB 1100mah 6S pack.

Anthony (Escondido, US)
Killer Battery

These batteries are fantastic. They perform great and keep the weight down. At their price point, they are very hard to beat.

Mr. AnderZon FPV (Sand Springs, US)
One of the best!

These lipos are just as good of npt better than other brands that cost as much as $50 for the same size Lipo. Don't waste your money on lipos like cnhl. You'll get more than twice as many charge cycles out of these GNBs

Jesse (The Bronx, US)
Go to battery

GNB 6S 1100mah has been my go to freestyle battery, hasn't let me down yet!

Michael (Santa Clara, US)
My go-to 6S battery

This is my go-to battery for freestyle. Good value, very little voltage sag. You do need to pay attention to your voltage towards the end of your flight, since it will fall off rapidly compared to my 4S packs on which this happens more gradually. Solid choice.