FPVCycle 23mm Tall Motor - 12x12 M2 Mount with M5 Prop Shaft

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This motor is the first of its kind in that it’s a full 5” performance size motor with a 12x12 M2 mount platform. Pair this motor with the Gemfan F3 or F4 prop and a sub 500g AUW 5” frame for a truly stellar level of control performance.

Recommended Uses:

  • 1830kv - 6S 5” Light weight (<~500g AUW) - not arrived yet
  • 2330kv - 3S-4S 5” Light weight (<~500g AUW)
  • 2330kv - 4S-5S 4” High powered (<~500g AUW)


  • 23mm stator diameter
  • 12x12mm M2 mounting pattern (not flush mount)
  • ~25g with ~90mm length wires
  • ~23g with short cut wires
  • The 1830kv motor is larger at 2306.2 and is ~30g with short wires
  • 0.15mm Kawasaki High performance laminations
  • M5 grade 5 titanium prop shaft
  • Screw retained bell assembly
  • 3x8x4mm 693zz Japan ISC Custom bearings
  • 7075-T6 aluminum casing
  • 260℃ enamel coated single wrap oxygen-free copper windings


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
React Fpv (Norristown, US)
Awesome motors

I got these to throw on my 2fiddy and I couldn’t be happier. They fly so nice. Really smooth and tons of power. Have no complaints they are really nice.

John R (Eugene, US)
Great for big cinewhoops or not-so-lightweight 5"

I built a 3.5" pusher cinewhoop with these (frame name withheld to protect the guilty). With a GoPro 8/9/10 and a big battery for long runtime you really need more oomph than you can normally get on a 12x12 mount. This might be the only way to get that kind of power on a frame designed for 12x12. And as per expectation they are well adapted to a cinewhoop (which not all 5" class motors are).

Solo6oh7 (Buffalo, US)

Excellent products and super fast shipping!

Mickey witt (Portland, US)
Amazing motors

I love these motors I have them on a micro apex with 5" arms and it's a beast.

Brian Ladmirault (Phoenix, US)
Awesome on the Tooth Fairy 2!

These make all the difference in the world on the Tooth Fariy 2. Plenty of power and control, without the darn T-mount annoyance. I can finally run a full-size 5 inch prop on this incredibly light set up.