HQProp 65MM (5CW+5CCW) Poly Carbonate - 1.5mm

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  • Propeller Diameter: 65MM 
  • Pitch : 1.5 
  • Material : Poly Carbonate 
  • Weight :0.95g
  • Hub Diameter : 9.8mm 
  • Hub Thickness:5mm 
  • Adaptor Rings : NO
  • Durability: High
  • Response: High
  • Speed: Medium but really depends on your AUW and Kv
  • Efficiency: Heavily dependent on AUW
  • Mounting: 1.5mm press fit and T-mount
  • Ten props per bag


Recommended use:

  • 1103 ~7500-8000kv 2S or ~5000-5300 3S
  • Not 1202, at least none that have been seen so far
  • AUW target of 73g


After literally years messing around with the King Kong 65mm prop, we asked Zhong of HQ Prop for a new 65mm prop.  The King Kong 65mm was alright but had many issues. Zhong obliged and made the first version of this prop which was just awful in every way.  The second version was maybe even more awful. The third version was alright and this fifth version is marvelous. It took SEVERAL months to get here and cost Zhong a LOT of money because the way HQ makes props is by creating a completed mould and making the actual finished prop to test.  This is incredibly inefficient but also the most effective way to test in the real world. It may be why HQ props are just a little different than many other prop manufacturers.

Anyway, back to this prop.  It’s a stiffer plastic and more durable than the various other versions of the 65mm prop. The latest Gemfan variation is a bit quicker but the HQ somehow feels more linear on the throttle. This HQ prop also has both a 1.5mm press fit as well as the T mount screws so you don’t need to choose one anymore.  This is currently the most popular prop option for ‘Toothpick’ class and it tends to work out on the widest variety of builds.


These little builds are unfortunately very sensitive to what props you put on them.  One prop might be amazing on one quad and unflyable on another. This prop has the best chance of working out on all your builds.


Customer Reviews

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A nice lil 65mm prop

I needed prop for toothpick. I bought many prop. 1103 motor inserted big shaft into tight prop hole. This prop was best imo. I fly toothpick with prop. Prop good mix of fast and control. Prop no broke. Prop good. I order prop again. U order prop too. Order from this site. Support merica. I like site. No order from China. Slow ship. This site fast ship. Order 20 prop for free ship. Do now. Good prop. Different color too. No mount T-mount. Too much screw. No need 8 screw. Thicc shaft tight enough fit. Nice and rigid. Now back to flying with prop on pick.