FPVCycle 1204 by RCinpower Motor - 2mm prop shaft

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  • ~6.4g with long, ~90mm wires
  • 5000kv
  • Mount patter: 9mm diameter, 4 hole, M2
  • 28awg silicone motor wire
  • 2mm press fit prop shaft that’s 4.8mm tall and 2mm internal shaft
  • T-mount prop mounting also
  • 5mm size bearings
  • C-clip bell bottom and no C-clip n top (more durable shaft)
  • Magnet strength: These ratings are not accurate.  The magnets on this motor are not the strongest or weakest on purpose to reduce noise feedback.
  • Curved magnet structure
  • 0.15mm laminations
  • 7075 industrial aircraft grade space age super duper ultra aluminum...the good aluminum.

Recommended use:

  • For use with 2S and 3S on a 2.5” triblade or 3” twinblade. 
  • Will work on very low load 3” triblade but consider a wider/bigger motor for that.


This is one of the two motors ‘developed’ for the Toothpick 3.  The word ‘developed’ is in quotation marks because the core of this particular motor is the RCinpower 1204.  During its development, we helped tune the Kv but otherwise the motor was entirely developed by RCinpower and they did an excellent job.  One aspect we'd like to point out are the magnets that are somewhat special. Micro quads are super sensitive to everything. With motors using very high strength magnets, you get a lot of noise feedback into the system causing oscillations and generally annoying issues.  These motors have slightly weaker than the strongest magnets to help reduce that. The negative impact of this is just a touch less efficiency and power but not enough to matter in the real world. Sacrifice something you can’t really notice and you gain a lot in the way of usability.

Our specific version is a little different.  It has slightly thicker wires, not so thick to make them difficult to solder, but not so thin to evoke cause for concern that they may rip easily.  The prop shaft is 2mm diameter and 4.8mm tall specifically for 2mm press fit props but it still has the T-mount holes if you like. The mounting pattern is also 9mm diameter, 4 hole, M2 mount instead of the 3 hole the rcinpower branded version comes with.  Oh yes and the color…


The rationale behind the 2mm prop shaft:

Previously, prop shafts meant for press fit props existed in just about every denomination from .8mm through 1.7mm.  When we started flying Toothpick class quads that had lots more power/speed than typical micros, we started sheering prop shafts when using press fit props.  We absolutely hate the annoyance and weight of the T mount screw mechanism so we just upped the shaft diameter to 2mm and made our new prop fit that. This 2mm shaft is not only stronger, but it also provides more gripping surface area for the prop so it’s more secure as well.  We love it.


Durability of 2mm:

In the beginning, 5” quads were using motors that had 3mm regular steel internal shafts.  They would bend somewhat easily. Then we moved to 3mm hardened steel and they stopped bending.  We still moved to 4mm hollow shafts anyway. These are 500-700g quads that were doing fine with 3mm shafts.  We’re now moving the 3”, ~100g AUW class to a 2mm hardened steel shaft. It’s definitely not impossible to break anything but the size should really hold up well in this size class.  We haven’t had any issues yet.


Please use props made for 2mm press fit.  Drilling out props doesn’t work out. You will almost always get the hole off center and it will cause near unusable vibrations in the system.  Very few prop materials just happen to drill out well. The only prop we’ve found that drills out to the point of usability is the HQ 2.5x2.5x3.  Use a 5/32” drill bit to drill this hole and it should fit the shaft perfectly. Specifically 5/32” and not a 2mm drill bit as 5/32” happens to be something like 1.97mm which is perfect for the press fit.


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Great motors and customer service

These motors.work.great . Customer service was great will order again thanks josh

It's pronounced "MOE-TOUR"

If your about to start building toothpicks, Bob's recipe for a perfect toothpick is all on this website. He did all the frustrating part of tracking down the perfect mix of kva and weight,magnetics, shaft size, etc...
Get a set of 1204's and see for yourself. You'll be ordering more... I had a problem and they took care of me right away. Fast!
I'm happy with everything I have ever got from them. See how much more fun toothpicks are. Get a build on your bench. Help a brother out, and get your build on...

1204 power house

I just had a chance to fly LOS because the new goggles still at pre-ordered status, but the motors were pretty snappy with my 110gram TP3. It has more power than I thought initially.


Works great on an old creampuff 👍


These motors are great. I haven't tried The 13 0 3 motors yet I can't justify spending $2 more When these work just fine