DJI Caddx Vista Longer Antenna (150mm)

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This is the same Vista antenna made by Rush which is the company that makes the default vista antenna. The only difference is that it has a longer stem and longer wire on it. The goal of this antenna is to provide a clearer signal above and away from the rest of the quad for improved signal reliability and range.


  • Longer 150mm antenna is 87mm from base of stem to top of element
  • Longer 150mm antenna has 62mm of wire before ufl connector
  • Longer antenna is 3.0g
  • Shorter 80mm antenna is 41mm from base of stem to top of element
  • Shorter 80mm antenna has 31mm of wire before ufl connector
  • Shorter antenna is 2.3g

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
brett spires (Cincinnati, US)
Great antenna

It’s just what I needed!

Brandon Greenawalt (Greensburg, US)
Much needed cables

If you are looking for thr long Dji cable to complete that bigger build, this is it.... Fpvcycle for the win every single time.

Fpvtrkr513 (Cincinnati, US)
More reception

I needed more antenna clearance on a 5" quad, over the battery. The extended antenna for the Vista was perfect!!

Brian Ladmirault (Maumelle, US)
Much better antenna!!

What the system should have originally came with. Much better reception all around. My top pick.

Luis Leston (Rockford, US)
Caddx Vista Longer Antenna

This antenna immediately improved the range and the quality of image in my V2 DJI FPV goggles. I don’t use the patch antenna. Instead 4 omni directionals and the improvement was decent.