AIO Camera with OSD wire + 25mW VTX

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This is a whoop AIO camera+vtx. 25mw, ~3.5g, linear antenna, wide angle whoop camera. The difference between this one and the AIO Whoop cams from the past is that the antenna is nice and thick so it will transmit well and it’s also soldered on pretty well. The video channels need to be changed with an old fashioned easy to use, software free genuine button that actually works. No smart audio, vtx tables or any of that jazz.

The reason we have this is because the Bee Brain V2 mount was literally made for it and it’s the simplest, easiest to use, most hassle free, lowest weight camera/vtx solution for the BabyTooth platform. Unfortunately it’s only 25mW but in clear line of sight, 25mW is plenty. Our favorite setup for the BabyTooth is our upcoming AIO board with this camera/vtx combo and any receiver you like. It’s just simple, easy, carefree and so much pure fun.

Customer Reviews

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Shawn Poole (Cherry Hill, US)

I have been messing with my Babyteeth lately again. Amazing drone... Thank you, Bob!!!
I always did well with this AIO when I needed to keep AUW in the sweet spot. If you don't crash every pack and don't fly too far from yourself, this is a great camera to have on your Babytooth. They are hard to get, so if I was you. Get a couple for backup before they sell out! It's just an easy camera to install too. There is a reason it's in FPV Cycle store... It works!

william bryington (Danville, US)
Great camera

Good image, strong antenna and light weight. Great camera to keep your toothpick and whoop style quads light. Will buy again

Finn Jokay (Munich, DE)
Surprisingly good

I come from the DJI Hd System and had to downgrade to analog because of financiall reasons. I prepared myself to be shocked by the poor video quality.
I was not! Although it definitley was worse, it was 100% good enough. Fish eye is pretty strong but if you don´t look around in the googles and focus on the middle of the screen you don´t really notice. I got used to it very quickly.
Setup is super simple and convinient. Just solder to vid. in/out gnd and 5v and you´re good to go.

James Fasano (Olympia, US)
Great while it lasted!

First light crash (the tip of some branches/leaves @ about mid throttle) on my 1s whoop (~30g AUW) left the lens unfocused. Will be attempting a repair with a heat gun but not super happy. worked fine for what it is, til that happened!

Mark Denson (Erin, US)