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In the past, the most common connector for 1S operation has been the PH2. This connector comes in multiple variations but all of them have the same issue. The connector has too much resistance causing a bottleneck in the power transfer from the battery to the quad. This new BT2 connector is designed to have far greater power conductance. It definitely does it’s job.


Upon further testing of things, we've found the limits of the BT2.  It's rated to 10A continuous but we'd say it's probably a bit less than that.  The connector is still head over heels better than the PH2 but still seems to suffer a bit if you try to suck too many amps through it even on just 1S.  Stick to using this connector on Whoop platforms.  Some of the higher powered 75mm Whoops will likely be better off with a full XT30 connector even on 1S and with the 1g weight handicap of the XT30 pairing.  We're finding that high performance crafts more powerful than a typical Whoop seem to still be pretty limited by the BT2 connector.

A light warning:
We have burnt one 1S AIO board so far since moving to this connector. This may be as a result of the vastly improved conductance of the connector. We believe in time, this may happen more so right now we’re going to start recommending a small capacitor on the AIO or the connector to help avoid this. We’re working on finding the right capacitor….it’s a really small one.

Pack includes 5 sets of connectors

Customer Reviews

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william Holmes (Carson City, US)

These make things easier as they only plug in one way nice for us older guys lol.Seriouslly enjoy these plugs over any of the other ones.Highly recommend>

Zach Carrizales (Arlington, US)
Quick & Easy

Keep doing what you guys are doing!

Ron (Tarentum, US)
Must have for whoops

Increased power by a good amount as well as more flight time.