BetaFPV LiteRadio 2 - Radio Transmitter - FrSky - Mode 2

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This radio is damn near perfect for its intended purpose as a whoop or otherwise small quad radio. It’s size is smaller than a typical radio but not so small as to make it excessively difficult for large hands to use in either thumb or pinch grip. The gimbals are not full size but they’re not the smallest either. Just a bit smaller than the Tango 2. The overall casing and gimbals feel surprisingly nice regardless of its budget price. It’s got USB charging built in, runs on a 2S pack, binds D8, two versions of D16, and it’s got fantastic range to boot! Seriously fantastic! Well, not Crossfire fantastic but paired with just the SPI receiver on an AIO/whoop/toothpick board, we’re seeing an easy 5-10x the range we typically get on our QX7’s or old X9D radios on the same exact quads. We’d say in our city environment, it’s good for about 400M clear LOS with a typically crappy SPI built in Rx.

Pair this with the Emax Tiny D8 Rx  there’s really not much point to anything else until you move up to Crossfire. If you’re looking for a compact travel size or budget radio, this is easily the very best option we’ve come across as of the Pandemic of 2020.

Oh yeah, it’s got vibration built in but it kinda rattles a bit. It’s the only thing that seems to remind you that it’s a cheap controller. It also runs OpenTx so you can use it with the companion app but you also don’t need to at all. It’s fully good to go without any computer.


  • 2.4g (2403mhz-2447mhz)
  • 8 channel
  • <80mw output
  • USB charging
  • Computer simulator support
  • 227.4g with battery installed
  • Protocols: D8, D16 LBT, D16 FCC

How to change the protocol on the radio:

Hold the bind button on the back while powering on. Once on, the power light ring around the button will flash purple. One flash for D16 FCC, two flashes for D16 LBT, three flashes for D8. Repeat this holding of the bind and turning on to flip through the protocols



User Manual
OpenTx config
Trim setup in OpenTx

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