DJI Caddx Vista + Nano Nebula Camera + Antenna Kit (HD FPV vTX + HD Camera + Antenna)

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This is the second iteration of DJI cameras and this time the camera was entirely made by Caddx. The goal with this camera was to reduce the size and weight of the system. At 5.2g, it’s about half the weight of the default camera. With the smaller size comes some minor compromises as well. The Nebula will not do low latency mode. High quality mode doesn’t really have latency issues but it’s not advised to use for high spec racing. Also, the Nebula will ONLY do 16:9 and not 4:3. This means that your vertical FOV will be somewhat reduced.

The main differences in image quality of the Nebula vs default DJI camera is that the Nebula will have a much more exaggerated HDR effect, lower resolution and much more edge sharpening. The resulting image will look more processed and less natural. The default DJI camera has better overall image quality but the Nebula is no slouch at all. There is no analog camera in the industry that could hold a candle to either of these cameras however for the best experience, we would advise using the full size DJI camera if it will fit inside the frame you plan on using and your build can carry the extra weight without issue.


  • Caddx Vista
  • 110mm camera wire
  • Nano Nebula
  • Nano Nebula micro mount adapter
  • Wiring harness for Vista
  • Optional antenna


  • DJI Vista unit is the same standard Vista unit.
  • Video and control signal carried at up to 700mw
  • Nano Nebula camera is 13.9x13.9mm body
  • Nano Nebula camera is 13mm from mounting screw holes to end of lens
  • Nano Nebula camera lens is 13mm diameter
  • Camera wire length is 110mm
  • Mounting adapter to fit micro mount included
  • Nebula camera weight is ~5.2g
  • Nebula + 110mm wire + Vista without antenna is 24.5g
  • Longer 87mm antenna is 87mm from base of stem to top of element
  • Longer 87mm antenna has 62mm of wire before ufl connector
  • Longer antenna is 3.0g
  • Shorter 41mm antenna is 41mm from base of stem to top of element
  • Shorter 41mm antenna has 31mm of wire before ufl connector
  • Shorter antenna is 2.3g


Spare 87mm Antenna

Longer 200mm Camera Wire 

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