DalProp Fold F5 - DAL 5.1" Folding Prop (2CW + 2CCW)

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This prop shouldn’t be good. It shouldn’t be as responsive as it is. It shouldn’t work as well as it does. It shouldn’t be as reliable as it is. It just shouldn’t work well…..but it does. We were 100% with you if you’re thinking this prop is just dumb. After testing, it performs similar to any other prop in the 5” miniquad category. Then we thought about it a little more and came up with the list of possible advantages below. Give it a try yourself. It’s quite interesting to say the least.



List of possible folding prop advantages:

  • Easier transport
  • Possibly more durable, fold on impact
  • Possibly more safe, fold on impact
  • Safer turtle, won't bind motor as easily upside down and burn motor/ESC
  • Won't get stuck in trees as easily, folding blades(weed wacker have the same folding design so as to not get stuck on things)
  • More likely to save ESC's from stuck props
  • Potentially lighter in the future with some design tricks
  • Possibly better response for unknown reasons
  • Possibly better efficiency, helicopter effect, leading/lagging blade
  • Potentially cheaper to fabricate and buy (in the future, hub cost up front is more)
  • Potentially repairable/replaceable blades (in the future, not this version)
  • Cheaper and easier to ship, store and transport (WAY easier)

List of possible disadvantages: (none are confirmed):

  • Less motor protection in crashes depending on how you hit because the blades fold.
  • More complex albeit not hard to make just as or more reliable



Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Richard Penner (Winnipeg, CA)
Great product horrible shipping

Product got here but a month later that my order from RDQ that I had ordered a week after FPV Cycle

etyrnal (Lake in the Hills, US)
Fantastic props! DalProp Fold F5 - DAL 5.1! So Smooth!

Fantastic props! DalProp Fold F5 - DAL 5.1! So Smooth! They were sent out so fast! They fly GREAT! Only complaint is i asked for the green hubs and got grey. Planning to order more.

Nick H. (Beacon, US)
Convenient, not durable.

I’ve been excited to try these for a few months now, and performance wise they deliver. Excellent flight characteristics, minimal prop wash even on a stock tune, and they make traveling with props on soooo much easier.

Durability however is still questionable if you’ll be flying freestyle and crashing often. The blades themselves are the issue, they bend and dent far easier than say HQprops, even though they “fold out of the way” on impact. My first set of these only made it through 2 flights and 1 crash before they were too off balance and chewed up to fly smoothly.

With that said, they look dope and perform great in the air. I’m hoping V2 will have some increased durability that’ll let me bash these guys around more.

Eyal M (Champaign, US)
Dal prop

They look really quality made didnt had chance to fly them though

3egger FPV
Fantastic Prop

These folders fly as well, if not better, than any other prop being made! I feel they're a little pricey, and I think if they gave you the option to buy already assembled, that would be nice, as well as, throwing in a few extra CW and CCW blades in the package!