DJI Caddx Vista + Nebula Pro - HD FPV vTX + HD Camera (Choose Antenna)

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  • Caddx Vista
  • 125mm camera wire
  • Nebula Pro camera (black)
  • Wiring harness for Vista


  • DJI Vista unit is the same standard Vista unit.
  • Video and control signal carried at up to 700mw
  • Standard DJI camera is 19.5mm wide, 21mm tall (max body diagonal measurement of 23.5mm)
  • Camera wire length is 125mm
  • Nebula pro camera ~6g
  • DJI camera + 125mm wire + Vista without antenna is 30g
  • Longer 87mm antenna is 87mm from base of stem to top of element
  • Longer 87mm antenna has 62mm of wire before ufl connector
  • Longer antenna is 3.0g
  • Shorter 41mm antenna is 41mm from base of stem to top of element
  • Shorter 41mm antenna has 31mm of wire before ufl connector
  • Shorter antenna is 2.3g


More Details on Caddx official site: Click Here

Spare 87mm Antenna

Spare 41mm Antenna

Longer 200mm Camera Wire 

Customer Reviews

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Better Than the DJI FPV Camera (For Me)

I decased the Vista to use on an ultra-light 3 inch. I used the AirbladeUAV Ex frame, rather than the TP3, because it provides mounting for a micro-size camera. IMO, the Nebula Pro video quality is on par with the DJI FPV camera, but has a reduced weight. On an UL 3 inch, the weight savings is noticeable. If you're building a quad that's using motors smaller than 1404, I recommend going with the lightest weight parts you can use.

HD what can I say

Great system. Nothing else to say.

Got stuck in USPS-BUT Josh at FPVCycle got right on this and sent me a second unit via Priority

A big thank you to Josh for correcting this problem when my order got held up in the mail. Both units finally arrived and I am so happy with the Pro camera that I decided to purchase both of them.

Great Unit

I have a DJI AU and I would say this looks just as good! So pleased with the Pro!

Amazing clarity and range!

Coming from a tbs unify/ rapid fire & fatshark combo, I am blown away by the clarity and performance of the Dji system with the vista nebula pro. I won’t be selling off my analog stuff, because the dji units are bulky .. but for 5 inch and over freestyle, dji is the best option.