DJI Caddx Vista + Nebula Pro - HD FPV vTX + HD Camera (Choose Antenna)

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  • Caddx Vista
  • 125mm camera wire
  • Nebula Pro camera (black)
  • Wiring harness for Vista


  • DJI Vista unit is the same standard Vista unit.
  • Video and control signal carried at up to 700mw
  • Standard DJI camera is 19.5mm wide, 21mm tall (max body diagonal measurement of 23.5mm)
  • Camera wire length is 125mm
  • Nebula pro camera ~6g
  • DJI camera + 125mm wire + Vista without antenna is 30g
  • Longer 87mm antenna is 87mm from base of stem to top of element
  • Longer 87mm antenna has 62mm of wire before ufl connector
  • Longer antenna is 3.0g
  • Shorter 41mm antenna is 41mm from base of stem to top of element
  • Shorter 41mm antenna has 31mm of wire before ufl connector
  • Shorter antenna is 2.3g


More Details on Caddx official site: Click Here

Spare 87mm Antenna

Spare 41mm Antenna

Longer 200mm Camera Wire 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Mr Dexter (North Charleston, US)
Better Than the DJI FPV Camera (For Me)

I decased the Vista to use on an ultra-light 3 inch. I used the AirbladeUAV Ex frame, rather than the TP3, because it provides mounting for a micro-size camera. IMO, the Nebula Pro video quality is on par with the DJI FPV camera, but has a reduced weight. On an UL 3 inch, the weight savings is noticeable. If you're building a quad that's using motors smaller than 1404, I recommend going with the lightest weight parts you can use.

Kevin Reichel (Cleveland, US)
HD what can I say

Great system. Nothing else to say.

Martin Rome (Williamsburg, US)
Got stuck in USPS-BUT Josh at FPVCycle got right on this and sent me a second unit via Priority

A big thank you to Josh for correcting this problem when my order got held up in the mail. Both units finally arrived and I am so happy with the Pro camera that I decided to purchase both of them.

Sam (Port Richey, US)
Great Unit

I have a DJI AU and I would say this looks just as good! So pleased with the Pro!

Jason (Downers Grove, US)
Amazing clarity and range!

Coming from a tbs unify/ rapid fire & fatshark combo, I am blown away by the clarity and performance of the Dji system with the vista nebula pro. I won’t be selling off my analog stuff, because the dji units are bulky .. but for 5 inch and over freestyle, dji is the best option.