EMAX Tiny - D8 Receiver 2.4G 8CH Mini FrSky Compatible Receiver

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Throughout our micro testing, we’ve gone through a LOT of products. This particular Rx has stood out over and over again. The range is lightyears better than any SPI or otherwise built in Rx we’ve ever seen on any micro platform. The range isn’t as good as an RXSR or XM+, but it makes up for it in it’s low weight and small size. It also happens to bind to the D8 protocol so it’s easy to use with many controllers.



  • Listed as 400M range but this is heavily dependant on where and how you use it.
  • Weight: 0.65g including antenna and nothing soldered to it
  • PCB size: 10x16x3mm including bind button
  • Antenna length: 60mm not including PCB portion
  • 5v power only
  • Inverted Sbus.  Sometimes works on uninverted FC pads.


Customer Reviews

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Charles Moozhi (Land O' Lakes, US)

EMAX Tiny - D8 Receiver 2.4G 8CH Mini FrSky Compatible Receiver

Aym Berges (San Mateo, US)
Pretty sweat little recevier

Picked this up for one of my 3" Babytooth builds. Highly recommend, very small, light weight, and has decent range... no XM+ but not bad.

Malin Hiles (Long Beach, US)
So Far so Good

Its light and works

Mr Dexter (North Charleston, US)
Super Tiny and Easy to Use

It took a whole three minutes to get this installed. My Jumper T16 paired on the first try. Using the T16, the range was around double the range of an SPI RX, but far far less than a XM+. If you just want to fly your Babytooth, or other ultra light micro, around the playground or yard, this is a perfect RX.

Note: I soldered the SBUS wire on the nano RX to the SBUS pad on my FC. RSSI comes in on the AUX 5 RSSI channel.

Richard (Hattiesburg, US)
Good backup for failing SPI.

Super light and good substitute for a XM+ or if your SPI receiver starts failing.