FPVCycle mid weight 13mm 2S-4S Motor - 2mm prop shaft

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The latest version of this motor is a 1304.  We moved up in size from 1303 primarily because a surprising number of customers wanted a little more power to carry the heavier Toothpick builds they were building with Naked Vista's.  With a ~5-15min flight time, the recommended 450mah 3S battery also has more performance to give which this will take advantage of.  Compared to 1303, flight performance will be a little smoother feeling on the mid throttle and a little more powerful overall.  These new motors are compatible to mix and match with 1303 motors.  You will not be able to tell any flight performance difference if mixed.  The overall performance balance of the TP3 is still maintained and has just been a little more extended.

If being used on a TP3 frame or other skinny arm frame, consider reducing ramp up/start up power by a notch or two from default.  Strongly recommend turning on the D notch filter in any flight code you're running.  Consider reducing PID's a bit from default and increasing TPA.  The cross braces for the TP3 arms will allow you to reduce filters and achieve higher tuned control performance if you're searching for it.
This video may be helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obObn1oGWmU

Recommended uses:
3" twin (3018) or triblade (3016) on 2S - 3S
2"-2.5" any blades on 3S - 4S

Extended use cases:
3" with 4S is fine but tuning will be a PITA.  See tuning tips.
4" (4023 twin blade) with 2S or 3S is okay but again, difficult to tune.

Checkout the TP3 blog for more details:

These motors have a 1mm thick base.  DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN MOUNTING SCREWS.  You will strip the motor base.  Use some sort of locktite.


  • ~6.5g with long, ~85mm wires
  • Mounting: 9mm diameter, 4 hole, M2
  • 27awg silicone motor wire
  • 2mm press fit prop shaft that’s 5mm tall
  • 2mm internal shaft all the way through
  • T-mount prop mounting also
  • 5mm size bearings
  • C-clip bell bottom and no C-clip n top
  • 0.15mm laminations
  • 7075 aluminum
  • Single piece bell design


  • 1x motor
  • 2x 8mm screws for T mount props
  • 4x 5mm screws

Recommended use:

  • Low load 3” prop: Gemfan 3016 highly recommended
  • Recommended all up weight (including 3S battery): 88-109g
  • The same 3S setup works fantastic with 2S 450mah batteries too


3S 3” Drivetrain:

  • FPVCycle 1303 5000kv 2mm press fit prop motors
  • Gemfan 3016x3 2mm press fit
  • Any of the Toothpick AIO 4S boards we offer
  • GNB 450mah 3S battery




Customer Reviews

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Great motors

Absolutely love them! Quality is the only thing I can say...... Thank you Bob and Josh. Looking forward to trying more of your products


I'm thrilled with how these motors work with the TP3. I'm disappointed i can't get them to function on 3s. However, Kabab has been fantastic about working with me on settings to get it to work.

Weak material in motor base makes these worthless

My friend and I decided to both make a toothpick using these motors. We did not “over tighten” the motors as we were warned not to do on this page.
He did a naked vista build while I followed the video linked for an analog build.

What we consistently found is in that the motor base would bend and then rip off the screws.

Pay close attention to my picture.. the motor base is bent.. but the props arent.. literally the props are stronger than the metal. I have lost 2 motors this way while the heavier vista build has lost 4. He no longer wants to use these motors (doesn’t have enough 2 weeks later) and I don’t think I will once I run out of replacements either.

Find something else, these might as well be made of aluminum foil.

Perfect for 3S Digitooth

Awesome motor for the TP3 with a naked vista. These are powerful enough to make the extra weight of a digitooth feel like nothing.

Perfect for a heavier Toothpick built

I rebuilt my TP3 w/naked Vista Pro. I used these motors and they gave it exactly what it needed! Sure the 1303’s worked well, but was lacking very slightly. This solved MY issues. I fly this quad around the house more than any of my 30+ quads, if that tells you anything. It’s hard to pick one, but I think it may be my favorite. That is saying a lot! Definitely a changeling build, but good things don’t come easy.