FPVCycle 23mm Short Motor - THE Cinewhoop motor

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The update:
New look, minor tweak to internal stator design, improved low end prop handling, new prop mount, less weight, screw retained bell.  These motors are compatible with the previous 2203/4.  If you mix them on the same craft with similar kv, you won't be able to tell a difference in flight performance.

We haven't used a better performing 3" cinewhoop motor than this one...


This motor is specifically designed for the following uses:

3” ducted whoop
4” anything
5” light blade and low general AUW for 5”

Matching products:
CineSplore w/ Gemfan 75mm CineWhoop prop
PowerPick 4” with Gemfan 4023 prop
PowerPick 5” with Gemfan 5125 prop
Fouride 4” with Gemfan 4023 prop
Fouride 5” with Gemfan 5125 prop
Red T-mount props are fantastic with Gemfan 4024
3000kv version is suitable for CineWhoop/CineSplore on 6S if desired

Recommended battery options:
S 1000-1500mah on 3450kv with CineWhoop 3”or 4” open prop
4S 1100-1300mah on 3450kv with CineWhoop 3” or 4” open prop
3S 1100-1300mah on 3450kv with 4" or 5" open prop
4S 900-1300mah on 3450kv with 4" open prop
4S 1100-1300mah on 2350kv with 5" open prop

4S 1100-1300mah on 3450kv with CineWhoop 3”
5S 1100-1300mah on 2350kv with CineWhoop 3” or 4” open prop
6S 850-1000mah on 2350kv with CineWhoop 3”

You’re welcome to run full 4S with no throttle cut on 3450kv and 5” but be warned that it will be extremely overpowered on a very light platform and a challenge to deal with the electronic noise due to the high power.  If your filters and overall electronic management is not done right, the motors have some risk of burning.  Even though these motors have super high temperature enamel coating on the winds, we are not responsible for burnt motors due to misuse.


  • 23mm stator diameter, greater than 3mm stator height
  • 12x12mm M2 mounting pattern (not flush mount)
  • ~17g with ~80mm length wires
  • ~20g with prop adapter, nut and 240mm 24awg wire length
  • 0.15mm Kawasaki High performance laminations
  • N52SH ARC magnets
  • 3mm grade 5 titanium internal shaft
  • M3 grade 5 titanium prop shaft with M5 adapter
  • 3x8x4mm 683zz Japan ISC Custom bearings
  • 7075-T6 aluminum casing
  • 260℃ enamel coated single wrap oxygen-free copper windings

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 103 reviews
    Bob Lyman (Eugene, US)
    My cinewhoop thanks you

    The title says most of it. My old motors would get so freaking hot but not the ad boys!

    LynxFPV (Sequim, US)
    Totally worth it

    Have built two cinewhoop in my 5-6 years in FPV. With the introduction of the new 3.5" class of frames I thought ltd be time to step it up since both cines previous flew badly. And after weeks of research I decided to give these a shot. Today I soldered them up to a GepRC f722 45a aio board on the Cinelog 35 frame. Will be carrying a full size GoPro on 6s. This is going to be the ideal cinewhoop of my dreams. Foxeer predator v5 micro with Rush Solo, csfr nano and a vas xfire rx antenna. Still have some things to button up before maiden flight. But will try an post it on DroneNation. If these fly anything like the 25mm imperial motors then I'll be telling everyone these are the best whoop motor ever! Not as important but these motors look amazing 😍🤩

    Dennis (Grand Junction, US)
    Smoothest motor ever

    Like zero cogging. And my squirt flies way better than on 1407s.

    Ryan Rochford (mouseFPV) (Novi, US)
    Using these on a twin tractor wing I printed. Dope.

    They are good motors in a somewhat unique size. Great for when you need a motor that keeps cool and has enough oomph to swing a bi-blade or low pitch tri-blade on a light craft, or when you need to spin the hell out of a smaller 3-3.5" prop and keep the motor cool.

    I have the old version 3450kv 2204 motor on my 5" long range ultralight 3s toothfairy 2 build. They do great. They can swing the big 5" prop on the light 3s craft. Get 15+ min on a p28a 3s 18650.

    The fit and finish on the new ones is beautiful. I am running the 2350kv on 4s with 5x5x2 props. Big step up in looks from the old black top white sidewall motors. Performance is basically the same.

    Rich Montross (Delmar, US)
    Still waiting

    I’ve reached out by email to get a problem fixed where one of the motors I’ve purchased is seized. I am still waiting for a reply on my situation. I’ve sent video to further explain my issue.