FPVCycle 2306.5 1870kv Motor

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There are a LOT of 5” motors out there. The reason this one now exists is because there wasn’t an option to source that satisfied our criteria of having the best possible parts that matter for the most reasonable price. This motor is designed specifically for efficiency, power and control to be used with all platforms but focused specifically for cinematic setups that usually weigh 690-750g. We prefer lighter load props such as the Gemfan 51433, 51466 or DAL Fold prop but you can use whatever you like on it. This one is powerful.

The Kv is ~1870 and this was specifically chosen for optimal performance on 6S and excellent efficiency and performance on 4S. On 6S, we recommend a 10% throttle cut to make the power more controllable and because we have found this to help improve control performance for various reasons.

How this motor was made:

We first started with a top end $26+ motor and then went through each part to see where the most cost could be reduced without sacrificing performance and durability. There are a number of components in the motor that can be downgraded much further without much impact to the motor’s performance but we found that it wasn’t worth it. We would have had to downgrade all the parts for any further significant savings and that would have resulted in reduced performance. The end result is a motor that still costs a lot to make, but we can offer for a price that’s just a little above your typical $16 motor on the market today. The main downgrades from the highest end construction are the titanium shaft, unibody bell jacket design and .15mm laminations. This motor has a hardened steel shaft which weighs a little more and is actually stronger, a two piece bell design which is purely cosmetic, and .2mm laminations which are supposed to be less efficient but real world use doesn’t seem to support that effect. As far as we can tell, none of these changes will make any noticeable difference to any human pilot out there yet they reduce the price of the motor by 34%. This is a no nonsense motor with the highest value available in manufacturing today.

One more thing, we wanted to give it a 10mm bearing for improved throttle feel and durability but that’s just not a widespread thing yet for 22 or 23 size motors as of the pandemic of 2020. It will come in the future, just not really worth the upgrade right now.

Lastly, this batch is $17.49 but we hope to reduce the next and all future batches to $16.99


  • 16x16 M3 mount
  • Flush mount
  • M3 screw retained bell shaft
  • Textured prop grip on top of bell
  • D23xH6.5mm stater by Kawasaki
  • N52H ARC Magnets
  • Semi-hollow 4mm Super hard alloy steel shaft
  • 4x9x4mm 684zz Japan ISC Custom made bearing
  • 33.8g with ~145mm length wire on it
  • Calculated 30.9g weight without any wire
  • 7075-T6 anodized aluminum casing
  • 260c Single oxygen-free copper windings
  • Bearing saver washer under bell
  • Tuned flux ring for optimized magnetic field management (more efficient)
  • Magnet lip under bell to resist slipping magnets
  • Wire management railing on motor base


Customer Reviews

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Shyam Vadeyar (Manchester, US)
Fantastic motors

This was an impulse buy, just because it was motors that Kabab likes. And I couldn't believe how good they are (and my decision 😝).
I moved from 2207 to these and I definitely feel the difference, so much better prop was handling. And it's buttery smooth. Totally worth every penny.