FPVCycle 25mm Emerald Motors 1880kV

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This motor is the same performance as the 25mm Imperial Motor but has a manufacturing imperfection that results in a hiccup/hesitation if you give the quad very sharp and hard inputs on the throttle. Specifically coming out of a very steep and fast dive to a stop or a very fast roll/flip to a quick stop. This hiccup is predictable and is a momentary wobble that resolves itself in about half a second but it still happens. Most crafts can be cleared of this problem by dropping motor timing to 'Low" or around 10 and increasing ramp up power or start up power to around 0.80. This issue only happens on 6S. On 5S there are no known issues.

We are listing this product for sale at least than half the cost of manufacturing them because of this unfortunate manufacturing imperfection. Many people have contacted us to buy them despite this issue because they do perform fantastic on crafts that don't have the issue or the issue is tuned out.

The Emerald version of this motor was among the original batch of motors which had desync issues on hard throttle changes such as very sharp and hard stops after a flip or roll, or popping the throttle on a dive. This desync issue is usually resolved with the increase of start up or ramp up power in the ESC settings along with dropping motor timing to around 9-10 or just low. Instead of doing that however you could just run 4S or 5S on the motors with no issues. They only have the desync issues on 6S to our knowledge. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE OR SUPPORT THIS MOTOR OR PROMISE THAT YOU WILL NOT RUN INTO THESE ISSUES. We have a rather sizable stock of them remaining and many ask for them because we sell them for below cost so we decided to put them up for sale again to make room in the warehouse.

Customer Reviews

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TitanFPV (Murfreesboro, US)
Great motors

Amazing deal, and once I got the esc settings sorted out no desync.

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CalebG (Nicollet, US)
Amazing for me!

So I had bought 15 sets of Gemfan Flash 5152 3 blade props (I'm new, crash allot, and I'm cheap. They were on sale for 79¢ a set, couldn't resist) unfortunately they handled terribly on my 2207 2450kv 4s setup, even with a 70% throttle limit. Then I saw Bardwells 6s motors on 4s batteries video, and these are NINE DOLLARS! (Did I mention I'm cheap) it's amazing how controllable it is, even at low throttle proximity stuff. And they're even better on Gemfan 4S props. Thanks for the sweet deal Kabab!

Chris Taylor
Still one of the best

The fpv cycle imperial is a straight winner even though this batch had desync issues I did not have any problems. Fpv cycle motors have become a staple for my program and if it weren’t for the development Bob has done here we would be worse off for sure in th fpv community. Ready to order another set already wouldn’t dream of using anything else!

Ryan Rochford (mouseFPV) (Novi, US)
FPVCycle YOLO motors, AMAZING (if they dont desync)

Amazing motors... if they dont desync on you, dare I say they are better than the 25mm unibell motors due to them weighing quite a bit less. Out of 3 esc's, one has desync issues with these, the other 2 are great. the one that desyncs can run them at 10% rampup.

these are a bit of a risk, but when they work......daaaaaannnngggg

Jeff Biggs (Flint, US)
Not flying yet

I have not flown them yet putting them in my first build and am still getting parts for the build. I'm waiting for my esc there on back order.