Gemfan Ducted 75mm Tri-Blade 3" Props (4 Pack) - Clear

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Cinewhoops are funny machines that usually don’t function properly...or as you would want them to. Finding the right spec motor, props and ducts will dramatically improve performance. As of the pandemic of 2020, there are a couple ducted 3” props on the market. We found this specific prop to be particularly good on motors that can handle the load. 1506 motors will handle the prop but we really recommend an absolute minimum of 1508/1607 with this prop. On high load quads such as a cinewhoop and especially ducted quads, props tend to start feeling similar. Given it’s very aggressive nature, this prop has a bit more control feel than less aggressive options. Because it’s designed to be in a duct, it’s not really less efficient either depending on the duct being used. Maybe the most odd feature of this prop is that it feels surprisingly good as an open air 3” prop as well…

This prop is a fantastic match for the FPVCycle Cinewhoop motor coming soon



  • Our scale says 1.93g
  • 7mm hub thickness
  • Polycarbonate
  • M5 mount

Recommended Use:

  • Cinewhoop with ducts or 3” without ducts
  • Up to 600g AUW or more even (lower is better)
  • 14-17g motor of 15mm width or more
  • 3S-4S battery/kv setup

Customer Reviews

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Great props but the 5 blade is better
Quiet and powerful little prop.
Duct prop goodness