Gemfan TRI-BLADE 3016x3 Props (4CW + 4CCW) - 2MM hub hole

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  • 4CW + 4CCW per bag
  • 3” tri-blade prop 
  • 1.1875g
  • 2mm press fit and T mount
  • Will fit 1.5mm shafts with T mount
  • Polycarbonate

Recommended Use:

  • 1202.5 or 1303
  • Not recommended for 1103
  • ~4500-5000kv 3S or 2S. 
  • Above 5000kv and 2S not recommended due to amp draw and need for small, light batteries.  Flight time will suffer.
  • AUW under 120g highly recommended


This is the second prop we’ve worked very closely with Gemfan on specifically intended for the TP3.  Gemfan has done fantastically well and we cannot thank them enough for their efforts.

Tri-blade props naturally tend to have improved overall balance, control and grip.  Compared to the 3018 twin blade, this is no different. The issue with this micro class is weight and motor load.  We’re trying to keep the weight as low as possible to retain flight feel and the load on the motor as low as possible to maintain high and smooth responsiveness with good throttle fidelity.  While the ~58% higher weight of the tri-blade compared to the twin impacts response by the motor, the extra blade balances that weight and the whole motor/prop system actually generates thrust more effectively at throttle onset so it doesn’t actually feel less responsive.  That being said, we couldn’t maintain the same pitch on the blade. The higher prop weight and higher aerodynamic load just bogged down the system too much so the aerodynamic load has been reduced with a slightly lower pitch.

Compared to the 3018 twin, this 3016x3 will feel about as responsive, more punchy, more in control, far far smoother but maybe about the same speed or slightly slower and the very top end of the throttle range begins to give up a little and feel slightly mushy.  Flight time may be reduced about ~10-30sec depending how you fly. Both props are great in their own way. The preference is entirely yours.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 52 reviews
    Tony Hernandez (Salem, US)
    3016 props

    Love these props !!!
    Been using them on my digital tp3

    Alec Hall (Columbus, US)
    The best TP3 props

    Tried the bi-blades and found them too susceptible to imbalance and damage. Tri-blades are smoother and offer slightly more "grip" in the air. Well worth the minor weight penalty.

    Jon Vance (Apple Valley, US)
    Amazing performance props for toothpick 3S

    These props were specially designed for great performance, low end torque, mid range torque, top end speed & very efficient for the toothpick 3S... The best performing 3-blad props for my TP3... The 3018x3 Gemfan 2-blade props give amazing performance too...

    Robert J McKay (Hasbrouck Heights, US)
    Work great on my tp3

    Best flight characteristics

    Ryan Rochford (mouseFPV) (Novi, US)
    Good Props

    I prefer these when my auw is aver 105g. Less durable than the bi blades but more grip and much quieter.