GNB 1S LiPo Battery 600mah XT30 (Three-Pack)

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Packed THREE to a box. 

This battery is specifically geared towards the BabyTooth 1S 3” platform. We went with the 600mah over a smaller pack because the large prop size for the class of quad is slightly more weight adverse and the 600mah cell is about a gram more than the 450mah.  The result is longer flight times and better voltage stability without much performance impact. This platform performs surprisingly well but it’s intended as more of a cruising acro quad rather than super high performance.

Originally we had planned to go with the BT2 connector but upon further testing, we actually found that the XT30 connector offered a significant performance improvement over the BT2. Based on these tests, we would recommend keeping the BT2 for Whoop platforms or otherwise motors that are smaller than 1103 and 1S. For anything 1S that has higher amp draw or larger motors, we’d recommend XT30’s even though there’s a 1g handicap for using such an overkill connector. There is a company working on an alternative to the BT2 that should be better as well. They say that connector is due out some time in July.

About voltage on 1S cells:
Traditionally, we don’t want to run any LiPo below 3.3v/cell under actual use (under load) in flight.  The actual issue is overdrawing amps from the cell which can cause overheating and sharp drops in voltage.  1S is a little different because it’s relatively difficult to overdraw the current from such a small cell that has such low voltage to begin with.  This is why Whoop flyers generally land at 2.9v under load. If you slowly discharge a lipo, it does not damage it to drop it down to 3v/cell and that’s basically what we’re doing with these very low voltage and low overall wattage crafts.  Because this 3” 1S platform is more capable than the majority of other 1S quads, we would recommend landing when you see 3.0v in your OSD.


  • 1S 600mah
  • Not recommended to run below 3.0v in flight
  • 50C/100C
  • XT30 connector on a ~17mm lead
  • 15.5g with XT30 attached
  • 60x18x8mm

1S 3” Drivetrain:

TP3 recommended FPV Setup:

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