GNB 500mAh 90C/180C 1S-6S LiPo Battery

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We hounded GNB for an improved non-HV 450mAh 80C cell for over a year and they finally made this 500mAh 90C cell. This cell should provide 20-25% more amperage than any previous pack made with GNB 450mAh cell which is simply FANTASTIC! The weight increase per cell is roughly 1.2g/cell or, ~9% weight increase per pack. This is easily our favorite sub 700mAh cell in the industry.

The 1S cell will bring out the last 10% of performance that could be had on the 1S BabyTooth platform while the 3S version will give you about a minute more flight time on the 3S TP3 and the 6S coming in at 87g should be just barely enough to feed those sub 250g 5" builds with 2004, ~1670kv or smaller motors with low load props.

We are extremely proud to offer this cell as it is exactly what we always hoped for. Non-HV, slightly more capacity, higher amperage rating and still low weight. We're always limited by our batteries and still are but this is a great step in the right direction.


  • 500mAh
  • 90C/180C
  • All these batteries have XT30 connectors with 18awg wire.
  • All weights are +/- ~0.7g
  • 1S - 14.4g 
  • 2S - 29.9g 
  • 3S - 44.3g 
  • 4S - 58.0g 
  • 6S - 87.0g 
  • Cell size is about 26mm long and 18mm wide
  • Cell thickness is about 6.5mm. Multiply by the S number to get thickness

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Mr. AnderZon FPV (Sand Springs, US)
Best you can buy!

There is not a better lipo in this size. GNBs are the best!

John R (Eugene, US)
Heavy 3" to lightweight 5"

I bought the 4s version for my Ummagawd 2Fiddy and it has all the power it needs with satisfactory flight time. Also a good choice for a heavy-ish 3" quad like a Ripsqueak or QAV-S Mini with DJI, which needs a bigger battery than something like a toothpick. On the 2Fiddy they do sag just a touch on a full-throttle punchout, but are way way better than the Auline 450/4s they are replacing. I still don't think 6S is justifiable on a sub-250g build, unless you are racing or just really beating on it.

React Fpv (Philadelphia, US)
Great toothpick battery

Got a few of these for my babytooth build and couldn’t be happier. Mine is sort of a baby tp3 I’m running the 1303s on a babytooth frame running on 3s and these with the high c rating are awesome. Perfect combo.

Vitali (Lafayette, US)
Great battery option for TP3

It's a bit stronger and gives you a bit more of a punch, although a bit heavier as well. Overall if you don't fly full throttle the whole time it's comparable to the 450 3S GNB and I'm happy with both of these batteries - both are great options for the TP3

Steve W (Loveland, US)
Top quality

I am baised biased, since GNB has always been my go to, but these are excellent packs. Running the 3S 500mah on a chubby TP3 produces 7-8 min of cruising, and 4-5 minutes of aggressive freestyle.