Nazgul 5140 Tri-Blades (6CW+6CCW) - Transparent Grey

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  • Size: 5.1” (132mm)
  • Pitch: claims to be 4
  • Weight: ~3.95g
  • Durability: Medium
  • Response: Med-high to high
  • Speed: Medium
  • Efficiency: high to med-high
  • Mounting: M5 bolt, non-popo
  • Three sets of props per bag (12 props total)

Recommended use:

  • 2306, 1700-1800kv, 6S, ~540-640g AUW with ideal target weight of ~585g
  • Works great on various other 5” sizes too but it’s quite slow if you run 4S on a ~1800kv prop.

This prop totally came out of left field and surprised us.  We had a bag of samples for months and didn’t pay any attention to them based on past poor experiences with Nazgul props.  Recently we received an RTF prototype with these props on it and were very impressed. Testing them across our own quads yielded the same impressive results.  Our current choice props are the S4 and Gemfan 5146.6. This prop immediately fell right in with those props.

The Nazgul 5140 is closer to the S4 than the 5146.6.  Compared to the S4, the Nazgul 5140 is a touch less responsive and a bit more efficient.  Both props begin to deflect at around the same high RPM but the S4 may get you going slightly quicker than the Nazgul at the top.  The real difference comes from the throttle curve. The Nazgul is just a little more linear in the lower third of the throttle and that makes it easier to fly slow while still having a similar top end.  The added efficiency also comes into play when you are flying slow and smooth to give you a nice bump in flight time. These differences make this prop an excellent choice for smooth cinematography. But don’t take our word for it.  Pick up all three and decide for yourself!

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