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We've gone through a metric ton of design concepts for this.  Quite possibly one of the most annoying setups anyone will need to use, cinewhoops are loads of fun but have a bad rep for their wonky performance.  Constantly touchy on the throttle and blatantly annoying on the yaw, we set out to find a better way. While we were seriously not a fan of ducts for a very long time, after testing of many ducts we found that they actually do have favorable flight performance that make the cinewhoop style flying easier in some ways and harder in other ways like on the throttle and yaw.  So after loads of really unique designs, we went back to ducts and are now working on optimizing those.

While we have many unique designs, we're no longer interested in being super original just to have China copy everything we do.  We went backwards and looked at China's offerings to see what we could rework. It took not even three minutes to land on the extremely popular Cloud-149 design.  This particular design jumped out at us because it has moulded ducts. Not printed. We appreciate printing but also despise it for it's cost, weight, durability and limitations in some ways.  These moulded ducts are readily available and so uber cheap it's hard to ignore. They're also made of a reasonably durable material and weigh just 10.9g ea. But wait there's more! They even have a very reasonable mounting platform that could very well be a standard.  Yeah their performance blows but so do the performance of nearly every duct out there. It wasn't a hard choice to use these ducts and we'll have the ducts themselves individually available in the store soon too.

Because the mounting platform of these moulded Cloud-149 ducts, we're just gonna consider it a standard and anyone that wants will be able to design a printed duct to fit the hole pattern.  In fact our goal with this whole thing is to get people to do the cinewhoop thing more so we can support people like StanFPV that are truly making a difference in this sector of the industry.  It's for this reason that the platform will be really cost effective. StanFPV's duct designs will be designed for this mounting pattern and because printing them will be DRASTICALLY easier than his current designs, the costs will drop significantly.

StanFPV has spent a LOT of time optimizing the performance of his duct designs for a specific flight feel.  He single highhandedly converted us with his duct design because the throttle performance is really stellar, efficiency is definitely up despite their weight and the darn things are actually quieter than no ducts which is just magical since ducted quads typically sound like flying chainsaws.

The final matter is the name of this product.  There are so far two running names. ThiccPick, or something like 'Cloud-149T'.  The idea behind something like Cloud-149T is to hijack the marketing that exists for the Cloud-149.  This is China's favorite tactic and is why they copy things to begin with. It's literally free marketing for them if they can make something close enough to be confused with the real product.  This is sort of a rude move to do back at them but should we really feel bad? Once built with the ducts and all, this frame would look indistinguishable from the actual Cloud-149 at a glance. Maybe we'll get free marketing out of it like they steal from us ALL THE FRIKIN TIME!

3" StanFPV designed ducts

StanFPV has spent a LOT of time fine tuning the performance of duct designs for quads.  His designs do not exactly follow all the known aerodynamic rules for ducts but he's somehow gotten them to work better than any other duct we've tested.  His designs are magically not crappy at throttle/altitude control, have surprising efficiency and are magically quieter than even no ducts. It didn't take long for us to become fans and he definitely converted us back to ducts over just guards.

This specific design will be made to fit the mounting pattern of our cinewhoop design as well as the very popular Cloud-149 frame.  The mounting patter of this Chinese frame is actually really great.

The mounting platform for the gopro mount will be the same as on the Cineglide and the 3"/4" frame option.

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