OV231 800TVL FOV 150 Degree NTSC FPV Mini Camera

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This camera’s view is the best around for any Whoop cam and very very similar to the RunCam Nano 2 with the 1.8mm lens.  We prefer this cameras lens however because the lens distortion looks similar to that of a gopro. This camera is offered because it’s a fantastic lightweight match with an onboard DVR for a Toothpick setup.  Excellent quality for what it is and you’re not really missing much if anything compared to current Nano cams.

Unfortunately, this camera board is just 1mm too wide to directly fit into the very popular and excellent Bee Brain V2 mount.  With some very easy and minor modifications to the mount, it will fit in there nicely however. See the mount product page for a short video on how to mount using the Bee Brain V2.

This is the same camera as seen and loved in the Whoop AIO cams but standalone with no Vtx.  There are actually a few different Whoop AIO cams. This is the best one of the bunch. We painstakingly searched high and low for this camera without the Vtx on it’s back.  You cannot just separate the Whoop cam from the Vtx on those AIO’s because some of the cameras components are on the Vtx board.


  • Model:OV231_V1.0
  • Resolution: 800TVL (you can’t trust this number on any camera product)
  • FOV: ~170 Degree (they say 150deg but it’s more like 170deg)
  • Size: 15.6X13mm
  • Weight: 1.9g


We also recommend you check out the RunCam Nano 3

Customer Reviews

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Vitali (Lafayette, US)
Small cam for whoops/toothpicks

Light and small camera for Whoops and toothpick builds.

afro_lou (Santa Clara, US)
Maybe good?

I'm sure this is a fine camera, but it's way too flimsy, I guess. I snapped the lens off the board while installing it in the NewBeeDrone canopy. Wasn't really pushing that hard or anything. Maybe bad glue or something.

John R (Eugene, US)
Tiny and great

I have this camera on one of the first quads I ever bought, an old Kingkong brushless whoop. It turned out to be too big to fly around the house so I converted it to a faux-toothpick - the cam is one of the few original parts still on it. It has hung in there through hours and hours of hard use. I don't know if these are even going to be available anymore but if they are, don't sleep on it, this has to be one of the best cams per dollar or per gram.

Great value! Nice view for an inexpensive camera

I put this camera on a Tinyhawk Freestyle and it is much better than the stock camera.

Kyle Kast (Salt Lake City, US)
Good budget cam

Very good image but the lens separated from the PCB.