Rcharlance 1S Six-Way LiPo Charger

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We’ve been testing a bunch of 1S chargers. This one has been working pretty darn well for us so we picked up a small batch to see what you guys think.



The 6 IN 1 1S intelligent charger with six independent but identical channels, which can deliver 4.35W per channel. The charger is designed to accurately charge up to six single cell LiPo and LiHV batteries simultaneously. The charging current can be adjusted from 0. 1-1.0Amps, the battery type, cell voltage, charging current and battery capacity can be displayed on the color screen.


  • Input Voltage: DC 6.0V-20.0V
  • USB Output:QC3.0
  • Battery Output: 4.35V X6
  • Charger Power: Max.4.35WX6
  • Charger Current: (0.1-1.0A)X6
  • Battery Type: Lipo/LiHV
  • Battery Cell count: 1 Cell
  • Indication:1.8 inch color Screen
  • Support Battery Port: MCX/JST/Mcpx/MOLEX
  • Product Weight: 100g
  • Gross Weight: 120g
  • Product Size: 83X62X23mm
  • Packing Size: 88X67X28mm


For XT30 LiPos use our XT30 to PH2 Adapter

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Wonderful charger

I love that this has a screen that let you see exactly where the batteries are at. After purchasing some adapters I can now charger my ph 2.0 and xt30 batteries with one charger.

Eyal M (Savoy, US)
1s charger

It actually for 5 lipo other then that works as expected

Danilo Napalan (Granada Hills, US)
Great Price and Great charger!

Great cheap price for a quick 1s charger for my indoor whoops!

Andy (Chaska, US)

Best charger I have used for 1s. I am using it for 300 mah gnb27 batteries I purchased off amazon. I have six batteries and I can fly for hours nonstop as it charges nice and quick. I like that it runs off xt60 so I can fly and charge right next to me without cords hanging all over the place.

GoKart Mozart (Oak View, US)
Pretty good

Seems to be just fine haven’t used it much yet. Changes 5 batteries not 6, port 6 is only for usb. Minimum Power supply input voltage Can be set So you don’t over-discharge your battery. (Haven’t tested if ir gives an alarm or shuts off at low voltage)