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They sent us a sample, one flight later we ordered a batch. Simply the very best FPV picture you can get per gram of camera weight as of 12/17/19. The FOV on this camera is similar to that of a typical Whoop camera but the wild groovy lens distortion we’re all so used to magically isn’t there somehow. One notable downside we found was that in very low light, the picture is blurry due to the very small lens and how it treats light. But this was in the absolute lowest of light settings where there really isn’t another camera that would be significantly better including the Micro Eagle.

This camera fits the Bee Brain V2 mount perfectly. You’ll need to clip the camera mount lens protectors short a few millimeters however. Flex the sides of the mount out and pop the camera in for a super nice snug fit. DO NOT just force the camera into the mount without flexing the sides out first.


  • Image Sensor: 1/3″ CMOS
  • 800TVL (not a trustable metric but it looks high resolution)
  • Lens : 2.1mm(M8) FOV 160°
  • Min. Illumination: 0.01Lux@1.2F
  • D-WDR: Auto
  • Day/Night: Color
  • Power:DC 3-5.5V
  • Current: 110mA@5V 120mA@3.3V
  • Net Weight: 1.2g
  • Dimensions: L14mm*W14mm*H9mm

Customer Reviews

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John R (Eugene, US)
Light, tiny, works great

Good choice for a 1S toothpick especially combined with the BeeBrain mount. Generally great picture quality and view, although mine does have a few weird sparkly artifact-type things in very bright sunlight. The box says the minimum voltage is 3.7 V, but I have mine running on 3.3 due to a shortage of 5V pads on my FC.

RunCam seems to have started making these again, with a different lens? I have the "original" one, haven't compared them side by side yet.

Martin Hanusiak (Edmonton, CA)
Good camera

Very light, good price. Low light is a little bad but other than that it's a good camera for any light build micro.

joe durham (Santa Barbara, US)
Nano 3 camera

Great cam super light,

Shawn Poole (Cherry Hill, US)
Very small!

Fits in a newbee mount without mod...
I like it. I got two. I would say go for it. Can't go wrong with this one on your toothpick.

Filip (Baton Rouge, US)
Great camera

Great camera for its weight and price. Perfect for the Babythoot. Had not too many hard crashes yet, but so far it seems to last.