StanFPV Ducts for CineSplore (one duct)

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This product requires insertion of the mounting brass nuts included with the ducts. Please see the video on how to install.

This duct is an upgrade to the default CIneSplore ducts. It’s a simple replacement that adds a very obvious boost of performance that intermediate and advanced pilots will be able to notice much easier than newcomers.

The following improvements are:
- Notable improvement in throttle/altitude and yaw performance
- Minor efficiency improvement
- Minor reduction in noise and more vacuum like sound than chainsaw

These ducts are best used with the FPVCycle 2203 motors and Gemfan 75mm duct props.



  • Made for 3” props
  • PLA material. NOT MADE TO CRASH but not really too delicate.
  • 22mm duct height
  • Mounting pattern displayed in product images
  • M2 brass inserts are 3mm tall however 5mm of screw fits in the channel
  • 12g per duct (duct only)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mr Dexter (Summerville, US)
Great Performance

Compared to the standard Cloud 149 ducts, these are lighter, quieter, and perform quite well. It's not a night and day difference, but it is an upgrade. The brass inserts were actually pretty easy to install. The single missing star is because there was a fitment issue. I don't know if it was because the Gemfan props were not perfectly molded, if there was a slight printing issue with the ducts, or if it's my fault from not installing the brass inserts exactly right, but two out of four of my props rubbed on the inside of the ducts. It was very loud and made me nervous on that first flight. Afterwards, the props carved out a little groove in the duct walls and I didn't have any issues after that. I still recommend giving these a shot.

Nick (Raleigh, US)
Nice design could be improved

Performance wise I’m definitely happy with it. I agree with other reviewers (and the product description!) that these aren’t made to crash. I got the molded ducts too and may just start switching them out when I know I’ll be over hard ground.

Michael Delaney (Grass Range, US)
Great performance, very brittle

Awesome if you never crash. I bumped into a pole going pretty slow my first flight and cracked one in half. I have no doubt this is the best performing duct I’ve ever used, I just wish it could survive a crash, or that maybe Stanfpv would consider releasing or selling his STL so we can print our own. Happy to pay for his hard work.

Chris (Langley, CA)
Work great but much too brittle unless only flying over grass or carpet.

Function is fantastic, really really good. However PLA is simply not a good choice for something like this since its brittle, affected by heat, and degrades under UV. If this was intended for a light micro it would be fine but not for a cinewhoop application. I have a hunch there will be a nylon or high durometer TPU version after people break too many of them. Or it could be that I just push things too hard and don't crash gracefully! After reviewing my flight footage again this break happened after a pretty tame crash, failsafe about 2 feet off the ground.