TBS FPVCycle MiniMortal T Crossfire Antenna - 868mhz

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Works best at 868mhz. Also works fine at 916mhz

Designed by : Michael Anderson 

Made by TBS, the same place that manufactures the Crossfire and all TBS antennas. This specific variation is only made for FPVCycle and designed to be small, light, and easy to use. You CANNOT expect full range from this antenna. In fact, you cannot even expect half range with this antenna. That is NOT its purpose. It’s intended for Toothpicks, micros and super Whoops. Many 5" racers would likely prefer this as well as it is very light and easier to use than some other options.

The quality of this antenna is supreme. The active elements are made of the same thick and super durable wire as the Immortal T. It’s simply fantastic. You will appreciate it when you feel it.




More about this antenna:

This antenna is made by TBS but they will deny making it because their engineers do not recognize it’s existence.

Crossfire is a beautiful protocol that is robust and reliable. They have spent endless dollars and hours refining this amazing protocol. This particular antenna design poops on all of that. BUT, We typically do not need to go 40km away. This antenna will NOT give you full range. In fact, on the 100mw baby Crossfire, we would not even recommend beyond 2km (even though we’ve gone FAR beyond that ourselves on 100mw).

The point of this antenna is to be light and easy to use. There is a PCB or sticker antenna product out there too but that is actually a little bigger and has specific requirements for how it should be used. The reason TBS went from the typical whip antenna to the Immortal T in the first place is because people were folding up and stringing the whip along the carbon arms of their frames. The Immortal T is great because it’s hard to screw up using it. Wherever you place it, you’ll at least get good performance. This antenna is like that. It’s got a short stem, low weight and wherever you put it, you’ll get at least acceptable performance. Give it just a little thought and effort to get it out of the path of radio obstructive bits and the performance is hard to tell apart from the full size Immortal T in 'short' range use.


Customer Reviews

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I'm not sure its any better than the stock antenna that I cut down but its way easier and cleaner to mount!

Mini me!

Great little antenna for toothpicks and whoops.Easy to find a place to attach it.


Very nice to have on a toothpick build clean and light .I have had no issues with this micro imortal t, highly recommend this product!!

Great solution on a micro build, very happy with mine..

I bought a bunch of these as I plan to experiment on different crafts, and other variables... I have not had any trouble with the way it functions, no range issues, nothing like that.. I might even use this on a larger build.. If I had an issue mounting another antenna, I would swap to this no problem..
When I need more, I will be buying more of them..


I had these shipped to the UK, they arrive faster than ordering stuff from some stores in the UK. Excellent quality product can’t think why TBS won’t brand them. They are missing a chance to totally own the micro market.