ToothPick 3 Uni Frame

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  • Comes in 2mm thick and 2.5mm thick
  • Whoop mounting and 16x16
  • 9mm diameter M2 4hole and 3 hole mount
  • May fit other mount patterns in the same holes or maybe not
  • Does NOT include rubber bands. It may in the future.
  • Not the most premium carbon finish but durability is good. Prototype batch.
  • Good to pair with the BetaFPV AIO 1S whoop board
  • Pair the 2.5mm version with the 1204 or 1303 we sell and any of our 3” props
  • In the future this frame will drop support for the 3 hole pattern unless there’s popular demand for it. Only added it to the prototype batch to widen motor options before our 1S motor is ready.

The 1S build so far:


Included hardware:

  • 4x M2x16mm
  • 4x M2x20mm
  • 4x M2 steel nuts (Not locknuts because the manufacturer messed up on this batch) :-(



  • 2mm TP3 Uni - 6.5g
  • 2.5mm TP3 Uni - 8.2g
  • TP3 Multiunit Orig - 10.3g



Been working on the 1S 3”.....expecting it to come in 2mm carbon unibody…..decided to switch up the motor mount pattern to include both 9mm diameter M2 4 hole and 3 hole mount and get a small batch to offer to people just because………….then decided to throw in some 2.5mm cut versions……

I eat my words now:

Been flying the TP3 a LOT! Haven’t made much content due to lack of time but been testing a LOT and finding that ~102g AUW for the 3S version is about the breakpoint where each gram added kills performance notably but each gram saved doesn’t do a whole lot. Been working on an upcoming upgrade to add Crossfire and the new DVR/Vtx board that’s still in development, both of which weigh more than the super light build out. Turns out the unibody 2.5mm version of this frame is 2g less than the default multibody TP3 and that 2g is actually us. It may not be meaningful to you however so the choice is still yours….but I eat my words. While I definitely prefer the multiunit design, the reduced weight of the unibody for this lightweight build is really nice and it feels pretty sturdy in 2.5mm. Everything is a trade off unfortunately...

The 2mm version was designed to be paired with an ~1103 motor of sorts or just a ~4g motor with a low load 3” prop and a 1S 450mah cell with any brushless 1S whoop boards and an AIO 25mw cam/vtx. The BNF is in progress still and there is a new 1S 3” motor in development too.

These frames were just ordered for you guys to mess around with and see what you get with your own experimentation but I feel like the 2.5mm version may become the default. The TP3 stock has been delayed by a plethora of things including my obsession with improving and optimizing it. Been reworking some things to get rid of the TPU part and save some weight while improving convenience even more. The new arms will likely be a retrofit to existing frames if you already have one and would like to update it. The old pattern will still be supported.

Customer Reviews

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Best micro frame!

I still didn´t crash it enough, but seems to be a tough one. Works perfectly with 3 inch props.
Best looking frame on the market too! Really fast shipping to Europe, Thanks!!


I ordered more than one just to make sure… :)

Quality plus fast shipping

Title sums it up best! Quality frame at a decent price. Coupled with fast shipping what more could one want. Should have ordered a few as I’m kinda wanting a 1s setup now too!

Cut wrong

Great little frame but unfortunately, the initial prototype batch had one of the arms cut wrong. Not a huge deal but OCD people may be bothered...haha