WaFL’s FPV Cap Caps V3 (5 pack) (Just the PCB)

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The point of this product is to have something to solder your capacitors onto in order to make it easier to securely and effectively solder thicker wire to the capacitor legs. These little things have become all but required for builds and really do make life easier and improve capacitor performance.

This is the third version of the Cap Cap. You would think there isn’t really much to this little thing to improve upon but this is a genuine improvement. Through copious amounts of testing, the designers have found that the improved conductance of the more robust traces surprisingly does improve often finicky capacitor performance.

The best way to use a capacitor is by soldering a minimum of 18awg wire onto the legs of the capacitor as close to the body of the capacitor as possible. Then soldering the wires directly onto the battery in pads of the ESC/AIO with a wire length no more than about 1” or 25mm.

The use of the Cap Cap and a good performing capacitor such as the Panasonic FM series or better is STRONGLY encouraged. Bad things can happen without good and effective capacitance. Bad things don’t always happen but they can.


  • Weight: 0.24g (+/- 10%) per board
  • Size: 10mm in Diameter (+/- 10%), 1.6mm thick (+/- 10%)

Description from manufacturer:

Are you tired of trying to solder wires on those pesky little capacitor leads? Step your builds up a notch with WaFL’s Cap Cap. This tiny PCB sits on the bottom of most standard “LOW ESR” capacitors, and provides you with two easily accessible pads for quick and clean soldering to the capacitor. Whether you need to quickly swap a broken capacitor after a hard crash, or simply don’t have enough room near your battery pads for your cap to cleanly rest, the Cap Cap makes attaching a wire to your capacitor simple, letting you mount it anywhere on your frame. Comes in a set of 5!

    Customer Reviews

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    Cody Spencer (Kent, US)

    Fairly useful to easily solder wires to the cap leads... But probably would be pretty easy to do without these too. Honestly, they're useful, but at the end of the day not strictly needed.

    Richard (Hattiesburg, US)
    Exactly as described

    Works great. Easy to install.

    Tony Hernandez (Los Angeles, US)
    Caps caps

    Love these little guys works great for toothpicks biuld's

    Ray K (Grove City, US)

    Better fit than previous version

    JA (Odessa, UA)
    Great product

    Very handy to solder caps! Highly recommend!