Battery Rubber Bands (10-Pack)

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A 10 Pack of rubber bands that are normally included with the ToothPick 3 - also works great with BabyTooth frames

You no longer need to search grocery stores for those perfect rubber bands that hold bunches of parsley, mint, asparagus….  No we couldn’t find those exact ones (we definitely looked for them) but we did find some that should satisfy your rubberbandy needs.

Two sizes, small and large
Small is ~30mm diameter and 0.9g
Large is ~55mm diameter and 1.7g

Both bands are made of the same material and are not excessively stretchy. The small ones are about the same as the ones that come with the TP3 but a touch thicker. The big ones are made for that special banding pattern we all must learn to graduate to the intermediate level.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Tyrone Lawson
I am hooked

The rubber bands works great on most kwads.

Chris (Calgary, CA)
I keep ordering them

Oddly I keep ordering them every once in a while because its just so darn convenient. No looking around for the right size or durometer at office supply stores.

HecticFPV (Culpeper, US)
Nice Addition

The rubber bands are a great alternative battery holder on these UL frames, def the best way to go for that light build!

Kristopher Vanderwyk (Oak View, US)
Useful to have

Always nice to have extra rubber bands. The large ones work well to hold your balance plug on 5” size batteries

Austin Fletcher (Phoenix, US)

Great rubber bands, strong and not too stretchy