CineSplore and Fouride Side Antenna Mount

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This is a printed TPU part that’s specifically made to hold the DJI Vista antenna on the side of the CineSplore and Fouride.  It’s particularly nice on the CineSplore with the longer Vista antenna.  Use a 6-10mm M2 screw with the included M2 press nut that came with either frame.

Customer Reviews

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Eyal M (Savoy, US)
antena mount

a bit basic and some space issue with the fc nuts but other then that ok

Antenna mount

It’s a really nice mount. Good quality. Unfortunately I have not been able to use the mount due to me using 20x20 stacks. I tried it on my Fouride, and my cinesplore. The stacks interfere with the antenna mount. If you use a whoop aio board I’m sure it will work well. Instead I have been drilling 2 holes in my GoPro mount and zip tying the antenna to that. I noticed Bob had a few like that in his vids so I decided to go that route.

Kuzyatron (Manassas, US)
Elegant Solution

Elegant solution for antenna mounting

noscade fpv (Mililani Town, US)
fun to fly

The cinesplore was fun and easy to build.Everything fit just right and using the side mount antenna mount made it simple.

Aaron (Gallup, US)
Great Antenna Mount

Works as it should for the DJI antennas. No surprises.