Silicone Wire (16 AWG, 18 AWG, 26 AWG)

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~1M red + ~1M black of selected size per bag

About one meter length of red and about one meter length of black in each pack. These wires are specifically chosen to stock because they are the most useful sizes. These are multi stranded with a silicone sheath

The 16awg is what we’ve used for 4S-6S 5” quads for years. We don’t like long leads so 14awg isn’t needed and with all these new ESC’s, the pads aren’t even big enough to properly support 14awg.

The 18awg is intended for Toothpicks or otherwise lower power applications. The BabyTooth can use this as well but keep the lead short to reduce weight. 20awg is a bit smaller than we’d like for this application which is why we carry 18awg.

The 26awg is intended for general use between FC’s and ESC’s or Rx’s or really any low load area. The super tiny wires that sometimes come with components are a bit smaller than we’d like. This wire is nice and thick for the application. Confidence inspiring But a warning with this wire. It’s not that thin so it would be difficult to solder some of the smallest solder pads.

Customer Reviews

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Gary (Los Angeles, US)

Silicone Wire (16 AWG, 18 AWG, 26 AWG)

J.P. Morere (Garland, US)
Life is Black and White

It's silicone wire... Seems to be of good quality, hard to say a lot more about it. Oh, yes... it is in the current FPVCycle colors of Black and White rather than the conventional Black and Red. Significant if you are determined to maintain the color scheme with the black carbon frame and white FPVCycle motors.

Aron Fischer Friberg (Stockholm, SE)

Its wire, 5 out of 5 =)

James Walker (Sacramento, US)

That's what I needed to wiring my capacitors

Cyrus (Hartford, US)
Great wire!

Excellent silicone encased wire. Great for my drone making needs. This is a must for all builds.