Fouride Rear Antenna Mount

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This is a printed TPU part that’s specifically made to hold the DJI Vista antenna out the rear of the frame at a 45deg angle.

Customer Reviews

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Shawn Stewart (Yakima, US)
Works good

Its a good print, everything fits nice and tight.

Matthew Campbell (Wilkes-Barre, US)
Liked the Frame

I thought the frame was high-quality. Overall the build is not as aggressive as I’m used to for a 5 inch. More of a cruiser type situation. This is my first FPV cycle frame, but I was really impressed with the quality in the thoughtfulness and the frame itself

Joseph Calhoun (Harvey, US)
Good 3d part

fit as described

Mr Dexter (North Charleston, US)
Good. Just Need Minor Change

As an antenna mount, it's simple, durable, and works. The only part I'd change is that it doesn't allow for much room behind my rear mounted Vista unit. I have my antenna cable, small capacitor, and the other wires on the Vista all coiled up in a tight space. I have already broken the antenna wire, and my cap has separated from the solder pad. If the mount were designed to extend back behind the standoffs, so it's not under the top plate, all that stuff could have room to breath.